That’s what Alaska’s current budget deficit is being called.

Yet Governor Bill Walker is continuing his push for ObamaCare expansion, and I need your help TODAY to stop it!

ObamaCare attempts to lure states into expanding their Medicaid programs by promising to pay certain associated costs for a couple of years.

But Alaska will be expected to spend millions of dollars for all of the new associated administrative expenses from the moment the state expands the optional program.

As if that’s not bad enough, the federal government will soon reduce the reimbursement rate significantly, leaving Alaska with the obligation to dole out an even greater portion of the tab.

Click here to sign the petition opposing ObamaCare expansion in Alaska.

Alaska’s budget deficit for this year is already estimated to be at $3.5 billion and it’s expected to be as bad - if not worse - next year, too.

And the budget reserve fund will be quickly depleted if serious cuts aren’t made soon.

In fact, State Senator Peter Micciche recently said the state has “two choices, and that is to cut services or ask Alaskans how they want to pay for those services that are outside of our core constitutional responsibility as a state.”

That means if Alaska passes ObamaCare expansion, you’ll be shackled with new taxes, not to mention less freedom, more fraud, and lower quality medical care

Plunging oil prices are already wreaking havoc on Alaska’s budgetary obligations.

And adopting the optional ObamaCare expansion will only add to Alaska’s budget woes.

It’s critical we show massive opposition to this scheme in order to stop it.

That’s why I need you to sign the “Stop ObamaCare in Alaska” petition right away.

So just why are Governor Walker and certain legislators actively supporting a law that is destroying America’s health care system and trampling our rights?

Are they so determined to get all that “free” federal money, they’re willing to ignore the fact that ObamaCare expansion will severely increase the costs paid by Alaska taxpayers?

This destructive boondoggle will cause irreparable harm to Alaska health care and taxpayers like you and me.

You’ll be forced to jump through President Obama’s hoops and health care will be rationed – everything will be doled out by Obama’s bureaucrats in Washington, D.C.

Medicaid cost taxpayers half-a-trillion dollars a year before states started expanding the program.

Aside from the costs and poor quality of Medicaid, the system is rampant with fraud and abuse.

And the more Medicaid expands, the worse it’s going to get.

In fact, ObamaCare expansion is estimated to cost taxpayers $60 billion per year in fraud alone.

Even to the big-spenders in Washington, that’s a significant amount of money.

There is no doubt more money will be coming out of your pocket for big government.

But in reality, higher taxes and out-of-control spending could be the least of your worries.

This scheme could mean the death of private health care in America.

And if Alaska participates, it’ll be that much harder to get rid of ObamaCare for good.

Click here right now to sign the petition opposing ObamaCare expansion in Alaska.

Alaska is already sagging under the weight of too much government spending, and huge cuts are going to have to be made to bring the “unprecedented” budget deficit under control.

For all of the above reasons - and more - Alaska must reject ObamaCare expansion.

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