Utah State Legislative Candidates

Dear Supporter,

Campaign for Liberty gave candidates for State House and Senate an opportunity to provide a straight answer to the following questions.  The candidates' answers can be seen below the list of questions.  Because the vast majority of states do not include 3rd party candidates in the Primary process, Campaign for Liberty policy is to survey 3rd party candidates for General elections, except in Jungle Primary states.  


  1. Will you oppose efforts to cooperate with a national ID card system and vote to block all state funding for and cooperation with any national ID scheme including the Real ID and Pass ID programs?
  2. Do you oppose the use of unmanned devices being used for law enforcement and used in order to fine citizens?
  3. Would you support legislation that would require the courts to inform juries of the principle of Jury Nullification?
  4. Will you support legislation that would protect citizens’ right to film public officials performing their official duties, as long as they do not interfere with official business?
  5. Will you support legislation to end the use of “no knock” warrants?
  6. Will you support legislation that would allow TSA agents to be charged with sexual assault if they use invasive “pat-down” procedures?
  7. Will you support legislation that would allow school tax credits?


Survey Answers

        "Y"=Yes "N"=No "+"=Will Sponsor
Dist Party First Name Last Name City Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7
1 D Luz Robles Salt Lake City              
1 R Chelsea Woodruff Salt Lake City   Y Y Y   Y Y+
6 R Wayne Harper West Jordan              
6 R Brandon Baker West Jordan              
6 D John Rendell West Jordan              
7 R Deidre Henderson Spanish Fork              
7 D Aaron Davis Provo              
7 R Glen Roberts Spanish Fork              
8 D Ty McCartney Cottonwood Heights              
8 R Jaren Davis Cottonwood Heights              
8 R Lee Brinton Murray              
8 R Brian Shiozawa Cottonwood Heights              
8 D Josie Valdez Murray              
8 R Raymond Poole Murray              
8 D Scott Baker Murray Y N N Y N N N
10 R Aaron Osmond South Jordan              
10 R Aleta Taylor South Jordan              
13 R Mark Madsen Lehi              
14 R John Valentine Orem              
14 R Craig Frank Pleasant Grove Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
16 R Andrew Holmes Provo              
16 D Gregory Duerden Provo              
16 R Curt Bramble Provo              
19 R Dan Deuel Ogden Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y Y+
19 R Allen Christensen North Ogden              
19 D Peter Clemens North Ogden Y Y Y Y Y Y N
20 D Brent Andrews Sunset Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
20 R Scott Jenkins Plain City Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
23 D Breck England Bountiful              
23 R Todd Weiler Woods Cross              
23 R Lamont Peterson Bountiful              
24 R Patrick Painter Nephi              
24 R Ralph Okerlund Monroe              
25 R Lyle Hillyard Logan              
27 R David Hinkins Orangeville              
27 R Stephen Whyte Mapleton              
27 D Mike Binyon Moab              
27 R Michael Stansfield Springville              
28 R Casey Anderson Cedar City Y+ Y Y Y Y Y Y
28 R Evan Vickers Cedar City              
28 D Geoffrey Chesnut Enoch              
29 R Steve Urquhart St. George              
29 D Terence Moore Santa Clara              
1 R Ronda Menlove Garland              
1 D DeLoy Mecham Brigham Y Y+ Y Y Y Y Y
2 R David Lifferth Eagle Mountain              
3 D Roger Donohoe Hyde Park Y Y+ Y Y     N
3 R Jack Draxler North Logan              
4 D Doug Thompson Logan              
4 R David Butterfield Logan              
4 R Edward Redd Logan              
5 R Curt Webb Providence              
5 D Al Snyder Mendon              
6 R Jake Anderegg Lehi              
6 R Sean Hullinger Salt Lake City              
6 D Gabrielle Hodson Lehi              
6 R Seth Moore Lehi              
6 R David Sindt Lehi Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
7 R Ryan Wilcox Ogden              
7 D Linda Protzman North Ogden              
8 D Nick Velis Ogden Y Y+ Y Y N Y+ Y+
8 R Gage Froerer Huntsville              
9 D Ron Atencio Ogden              
9 D Neil Hansen Ogden Y Y Y Y+ Y   N
9 R Jeremy Peterson Ogden              
10 D Kent Winward Ogden              
10 D Christopher Winn Ogden              
10 R Dixon Pitcher Ogden              
11 D Pamela Udy South Weber Y Y   Y Y Y  
11 R Brad Dee Washington Terrace              
12 D Benjamin Pales West Haven  Y Y Y Y+ Y Y+  
12 R Richard Greenwood Roy Y Y Y Y N Y N
13 D Bradley Asay Clinton              
13 R Paul Ray Clinton              
13 R Mark  Sessions West Point              
13 R Lorenzo Swank Sunset              
14 R Cheryl Phipps Clearfield              
14 R Curtis Oda Clearfield              
14 D Jon Christensen Syracuse              
14 D Justin Clarke Clearfield              
15 D Sherri Tatton Layton              
15 R Brad Wilson Kaysville              
15 D Gibbs Smith Kaysville              
16 R Steve Handy Layton              
16 R Chris Crowder Layton              
16 D Denise Fowler Clearfield              
16 D Douglas Sill Layton              
17 R Stewart Barlow Fruit Heights              
17 D Bonnie Flint Fruit Heights              
17 D Vic Scott Layton              
18 D Doug Macdonald Framington              
18 D Richard Bagley Centreville              
18 R Roger Barrus Centerville              
19 D Lynn Anderson Bountiful              
19 R Jim Nielson Bountiful              
20 R Becky Edwards North Salt Lake              
20 D Daniel Donahue N. Salt Lake              
20 R Aaron Nelson West Bountiful              
21 R Alison McCoy Tooele              
21 R Douglas Sagers Tooele              
21 D David Swan Tooele              
22 D Susan Duckworth Magna              
23 D Jen Seelig Salt Lake City              
23 R Richard Barnes Salt Lake City              
24 R J. P. Hughes Salt Lake City N N N N Y Y Y
24 D Richard Goldberger Salt Lake City              
24 D Rebecca Chavez-Houck Salt Lake City              
25 R Sinama Meli Salt Lake City              
25 D Joel Briscoe Salt Lake City              
26 D Angela Romero Salt Lake City              
26 R Andres Paredes Salt Lake City              
26 D Brian Doughty Salt Lake City Y Y Y Y Y N N
26 R Bryan Farnsworth Salt Lake City              
27 R Larry Hilton Alpine              
27 R Mike Kennedy Alpine              
27 R Sarah Nitta Highland              
27 R Ross Ford Highland              
27 R Nancy Sechrest Highland              
28 D Brian King Salt Lake City              
28 R Rick Raile Salt Lake City              
29 R Lee Perry Perry              
29 D Heidi Bitton Ogden Y Y Y Y   Y Y+
29 R Brad Galvez West Haven Y Y Y Y   Y Y
30 R Fred Cox West Valley City Y Y N Y N Y Y
30 D Janice Fisher West Valley City              
31 D Larry Wiley West Valley City              
31 R Ryan Jenkins West Valley City              
31 R Fred Johnson West Valley City Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
32 R Austin Linford Draper              
32 D Alain Balmanno Sandy              
32 R LaVar Christensen Draper              
33 R Craig Hall West Valley City              
33 R Ella Duke-Baxter West Valley City              
33 R Kimly Mangum West Valley City              
33 R Marlin Baer Salt Lake City              
33 D Liz Muniz West Valley City              
33 D Neal Hendrickson West Valley City              
34 D Celina Milner Taylorsville              
34 R Johnny Anderson Taylorsville              
35 D Mark Wheatley Murray              
35 R Casey Fitts South Salt Lake              
35 R Steve Anderson Murray Y Y+ Y Y Y+ Y+ Y+
36 D Patrice Arent Salt Lake City              
36 R Dana Dickson Salt Lake City              
36 R Brady Curtis Salt Lake City              
37 R Anne-Marie Lampropoulos Holladay              
37 D Carol Spackman Moss Holladay              
38 D Elias McGraw Kearns              
38 R Eric Hutchings Kearns Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
39 D Barbara Eubanks Taylorsville              
39 R Jim Dunnigan Taylorsville              
40 D Lynn Hemingway Salt Lake City              
40 R Lee Howard Salt Lake City              
40 R Grace Sperry Salt Lake City              
41 R Dan McCay Riverton              
41 D Cristopher Balmanno Riverton              
41 R Jason Bible Riverton Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+  
41 R Jeremiah Edwards Riverton              
42 R John Scott West Jordan              
42 R Jim Bird West Jordan              
43 R Earl Tanner Salt Lake City              
43 R Peggy Jo Kennett West Jordan Y Y Y Y   Y N
43 R Benjamin Watson West Jordan Y Y+ Y Y Y Y Y
43 D Jeff Bell West Jordan              
44 R Christy Achziger Murray              
44 D Tim Cosgrove Murray              
45 D Brant Thomsen Sandy              
45 D Gary Forbush Sandy              
45 R Steve Eliason Sandy              
46 R Wyatt Christensen Cottonwood Heights              
46 D Marie Poulson Cottonwood Heights              
46 R Lee Anne Walker Cottonwood              
46 R William Clayton Sandy              
47 R Ken Ivory West Jordan              
47 D Joseph Huey West Jordan              
48 R Dani Hartvigsen Orem              
48 R Steve White Provo              
48 R Taz Murray Provo              
48 R Taylor Oldroyd Provo              
48 R Keven Stratton Orem              
49 R Derek Brown Salt Lake City              
49 D Mark Quigley Sandy              
50 R Merlynn Newbold South Jordan              
50 D Billie Larson South Jordan              
50 R Rich Cunningham South Jordan              
50 R Steven Roberts South Jordan              
51 R Greg Hughes Draper              
51 D Sonja Jorgensen Draper              
52 D Daniel Paget Herriman              
52 R Dennis Sampson Riverton              
52 R Michelle Baguley Herriman              
52 R Jewel Skousen Herriman Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+ Y+
52 R John Knotwell Herriman Y Y Y Y Y N Y+
52 R Joseph Ross South Jordan              
53 R John Zimmerman Wanship              
53 R Melvin Brown Hoytsville              
54 R Kraig Powell Heber City              
54 D Chris Robinson Park City              
55 R John Mathis Vernal              
55 R Mark Caldwell Vernal              
56 R Christy Kane Highland              
56 D Leslie Dalton American Fork              
56 R Kay Christofferson Lehi Y Y Y Y     Y
57 R Deanne Taylor Pleasant Grove              
57 D Scott Gygi Pleasant Grove              
57 R Brian Greene Pleasant Grove Y+ Y+ Y Y Y   Y+
57 R John Stevens Pleasant Grove              
58 R David Parrish Ephraim              
58 R Spencer Cox Fairview              
59 R Val Peterson Orem              
60 D Emmanuel Keyes Orem Y Y N Y N Y N
60 D Alan Keele Orem              
60 R Bradley Daw Orem              
60 R Dana Layton Orem              
60 R Jacob Siebach Orem              
61 D Robert Patterson Provo              
61 R Keith Grover Provo              
61 D Kirby Snideman Provo              
62 R Austin Anderson Washington              
62 R Michael Heaton Washington              
62 D Brent Holloway St. George              
62 R Mary Burkett Washington              
62 R Jon Stanard St. George              
63 R Dean Sanpei Provo              
64 D Boyd Petersen Provo Y Y Y Y Y Y N
64 R Becky Lockhart Provo              
65 R Francis Gibson Mapleton              
66 D Brian Hauglid Spanish Fork Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
66 R Carolina Herrin Spanish Fork              
66 R Robert Milton Spanish Fork              
66 R Mike McKell Spanish Fork              
66 R Kyle Roberts Spanish Fork              
67 D Scott Parkin Santaquin              
67 R Keith Mitchell Payson Y Y Y Y N Y Y
67 R Richard Behling Payson              
67 R Jim Griffin Payson              
67 R John Ryan Payson              
67 R Marc Roberts Santaquin              
68 D Jerry Edward Grantsville              
68 R Bill Wright Holden              
68 R Terry Pierce Eureka Y Y Y Y Y+ N Y
68 R Jeff McNeil Grantsville              
68 D Thomas Nedreberg Eureka              
68 R Merrill Nelson Grantsville              
68 R William Craig Stansbury Park              
69 R Jerry Anderson Price              
69 D Christine Watkins Price              
69 D Stanley Larson Bridgeland              
70 D Wayne Hoskisson Moac              
70 R Lenard Wright Richfield              
70 R Kay McIff Richfield              
71 D Billy Kehl St. George              
71 R Brad Last Hurricane              
71 R John Leavitt Washington              
72 R John  Westwood Cedar City              
72 R Albert Montoya Cedar City              
72 R Ryan Bundy Cedar City              
72 R Matthew Carling Cedar City Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
72 R Marlo Jensen Cedar City              
73 R Michael Noel Kanab              
74 D Lee Ann Riddoch St. George              
74 R Lowry Snow Santa Clara              
75 R Don Ipson St. George              
75 D Cimarron Chacon St. George              


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