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This is What Winning Looks Like

I’ve had the honor of working alongside boots-on-the-ground activists since Campaign for Liberty started, and their amazing accomplishments are too numerous to list here. Campaign for Liberty activists are transforming the liberty landscape and stopping the statists in their tracks in counties and states across the nation. Our incredible Campaign for Liberty leaders won’t let […]

Ron Paul: Cops should be peace officers, not warriors!

Watch C4L Chairman Ron Paul’s interview yesterday on MSNBC about the events in Ferguson, Missouri.

WATCH: Ron Paul on C-SPAN

Watch C4L Chairman Ron Paul’s interview on C-SPAN. In the three-hour interview, Dr. Paul discusses many topics including foreign policy,  the Federal Reserve,  the RNC, and abortion. Watch below:

Will the Senate tax your internet?

Ron Paul Interviews Dave Warrington on C4L IRS Fight

Part 1 Below: Part 2 Below: Photos: Gage Skidmore