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Rand Paul Responds to Harry Reid on Patriot Act 05/25/11

On May 25, 2011, Senator Rand Paul responded to Harry Reid’s baseless attacks on his opposition to the misnamed “Patriot” Act and reiterated his defense of the Bill of Rights and the American people’s privacy. Senator Rand Paul is continuing his efforts to hold Harry Reid accountable to his February promise to allow a full […]

Rand’s Patriotic Stand: Sen. Paul on the Patriot Act 05/25/11 Pt.1

Harry Reid Challenges Rand Paul, Defends Patriot Act 05/25/11

Rand Paul Amendments Debate: Patriot Act – 05/26/11 Pt.1

Rand Paul Jim DeMint Patriot Act US Senate – May 25, 2011 10_54 AM.mp4