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Ron Paul on The View 04/25/11

Congressman Ron Paul sits in on The View to discuss his new book, ‘Liberty Defined’, while explaining how ideas of freedom would work in practice. Buy Ron Paul’s book, ‘Liberty Defined’, here: www.amazon.com

Ron Paul on CNN Newsroom 04/21/11

Ron Paul on Hardball 04/19/11

On Tuesday, April 19, 2011, Congressman Ron Paul appeared on MSNBC’s “Hardball” to discuss the debate over raising the debt ceiling and the consequences of America’s foreign policy.

Mike Lee: C4L Update – Balance the Budget

Senator Mike Lee (UT) targets the spending problem in Washington DC and specifically highlights the inadequacy of recent budget cut proposals. He explains the potential impact of passing a balanced budget amendment and asks for your support in successfully accomplishing this goal.

Rand Paul on Freedom Watch 03/31/11

Senator Rand Paul joins Judge Andrew Napolitano on Freedom Watch to discuss his recent remarks on the US Senate floor regarding President Obama’s decision to intervene in Libya contrasted with statements made in 2007 during the presidential campaign. Senator Paul also summarizes recent developments in the budget debate on Capitol Hill.