House voting on Red-and-Nanny State Socialism

In the next few days, the House of Representatives will complete consideration of  the Fiscal Year 2015 Agriculture Appropriations Act (H.R. 4800). As one would expect from the title, the bill funds federal agriculture programs, however it also funds "nutrition" programs like food stamps and the Women's, Infant, and Children program.

As detailed here, here, here, and here, these programs largely benefit large agribusinesses. Even the programs supposedly aimed at helping the poor are actually disguised corporate welfare. Federal agriculture programs also play a role in America's unhealthy eating habits.

Campaign for Liberty has joined a collation in support of two amendments to the bill. One amendment requires disclosure of recipients of crop insurance premium support. It is ironic that the same government that keeps the public from knowing the names of the millionaires and large agribusinesses that receive farm subsidies is determined to force Campaign for Liberty to turn over information on some of our donors.

The other amendment would prohibit funding for outreach and education regarding federal crop insurance support to farms with an adjusted gross income above $250,000. Hard as it to believe, limiting federal subsidies to businesses with adjusted gross incomes above $250,000 remains controversial in this so-called "fiscally-conservative" House of Representatives.

One good part of the bill is that it allows states and localities to opt-out of the controversial school lunch standards imposed by Congress and the Administration in 2010, although it is expected that there will be an attempt to strip these changes from the bill.

The House is expected to vote on these amendments and final passage in the next few days, so there is still time to call your Representative and let them know you expect them to vote against giving taxpayer money to millionaires and large businesses and continuing unconstitutional federal school lunch standards.


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