Want Healthcare Freedom or ObamaCare?

ObamaCare, which Governor Snyder is urgently trying to implement by creating the government-run insurance exchange, will complete the government takeover of healthcare in Michigan.

The House already passed the appropriations bill needed to start creating the structure for government-run healthcare, and the Senate is set to pass it this week.

It is critical that you call or email your State Senator and urge them to:

Vote no on appropriating federal bribe money to set up a healthcare exchange

Vote no on the Medicaid expansion

If we don't oppose this now, then Washington bureaucrats will take over every aspect of our health care - without having to worry about input from Michigan. The rules propagated by the Department of Health and Human Services state the following:

  • All American Health Benefit Exchanges are federal exchanges that must comply with the requirements of the federal health care reform law of 2010.
  • State-established exchanges may not write rules that conflict with or prevent implementation of federal rules issued by HHS under the law.
  • The federal government (HHS) has the authority to require “any measure or procedure” to be undertaken by an exchange.

So, they are lying when they say Michigan will have control over the exchange.

Will your Senator tell you that they need to set up the exchange in order to protect you?

Here is the truth:

The exchange will engage in “police” functions, sending names and tax ID numbers to the IRS to impose penalties on those who are not insured.

Will your Senator tell you that they are just bringing tax dollars back to Michigan?

Here is the truth:

The federal government does not give money back to citizens - they take your money and then hold it hostage. You get it back if - and only if - you agree to turn over the keys to the kingdom...

...just like federal highway dollars - which are used to force all kinds of actions not related to roads.

If you are willing to sell your child's freedom, you can have a shiny bauble right now.

Click here to contact your State Senator and tell them to vote no on ObamaCare and the Medicaid expansion!

After that is done, click here to sign our petition to oppose the government takeover of healthcare.

In Liberty,

Tony DeMott
Michigan State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. Please help us stop ObamaCare implementation in Michigan! Click here to contact your Senator and tell them to vote no on ObamaCare and Medicaid expansion.

P.P.S. Click here to view the video of Senator Mike Green telling the truth about this bribe.

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