We warned about this 4 months ago

October 20, 2011

Dear Tony,

The Snyder Administration wants to sell you a bridge.

OK, that's not entirely accurate.  It's more like the Snyder Administration wants you to co-sign on their bridge.  And while we're being honest, I should mention there are no other co-signers.

You see, the Governor’s bridge plan will create a new government authority along with a highly complicated legal and financial framework for a bridge to Windsor.

They say that taxpayers will not be on the hook for paying for this new grand scheme.  They say there is nothing to worry about.

What they don't say is that the full faith and credit of the people of Michigan will be on the line with this plan.  If this highly complicated grand scheme fails, Michigan's credit rating will tank.  It will either be that or the people of Michigan will have to bail out yet another failed project.

Don't let them put our credit on the line with a project that a private company will do without taxpayer risk.  Click here to find your State Senator’s phone number and tell them to oppose the government bridge.

So when they tell you there is nothing to worry about, understand that they cannot guarantee that.  In fact, all of these folks will be gone when the decision to bail out this government bridge is made.  They will have washed their hands and stocked their mantles with pictures of ribbon cuttings and hand shakes by the time this project fails.

In fact, the Mackinaw Bridge was financed by toll revenue bonds and it got subsidies as soon as it was realized that tolls would not cover the costs.  This despite claims that it would all be paid for in toll revenues.  Now there is around $23 billion in outstanding debt for various Michigan special authorities.

The question so many people are asking is:  Why would our legislators put us at such a risk when they could let private companies take the risk?

That is why it is so important for you to spread this message and contact your senators.  Click here to find your Senator.  Tell them you want them to take an active leadership role in opposing Governor Snyder’s bridge boondoggle.

Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville is willing to do almost anything to get it passed.  It is currently stalled in committee but he has threatened to take it to his own committee where he can more easily get it past the peoples’ objections.

He is also willing to blatantly violate his promises that taxpayers won't be on the hook.  He is willing to pay the Democrats to vote for this bill.  His payment will be your tax dollars in the form of community benefit agreements.

We warned the public about these agreements 4 months ago.  You can read that warning here and find out just how these community benefit agreements work.

That is why it is so important for you to click here, find, and call your Senator now!  If you wait, you may regret it.

For Liberty,

Tony DeMott
Michigan State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S.  It is imperative that you call your senator today.  Senator Richardville could ram this through at any point--the vote might happen before you can react.  Click here to find your Senator’s contact information.


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