Weak sauce

“. . . weak sauce diluted made impotent by A.G. Barr.”
—Sen. Rand Paul

My son, Senator Rand Paul, nailed it.

He was describing the last-minute Deep State spying extension Attorney General William Barr and his statist pals in BOTH parties’ congressional leadership that was just unveiled.

I told you the fight would turn WHITE HOT . . . and it just did!

This SHAM FISA reform (H.R. 6172) keeps virtually all of the Deep State’s warrantless snooping powers running full blast -- powers they’ve PROVEN they’ll abuse!

Nancy Pelosi is racing to RAM it through the House for a floor vote TODAY.  There may only be a few hours before the vote -- I need you to ACT FAST!

Please call Congress IMMEDIATELY by dialing 202-224-3121.

Make sure they hear LOUD and CLEAR that you oppose any scheme to reauthorize -- even for a second -- warrantless Deep State spying on you, me, or any law-abiding American.

Nancy Pelosi and her Deep State pals in the Republican House leadership waited until the last possible minute to fast-track this scheme in hopes your congressmen wouldn’t read the bill before skipping town tomorrow.

Sadly, many won’t.

And unless they hear from you IMMEDIATELY, I’m worried they’ll rubber stamp this SHAM reform TODAY.

That’s why I’m counting on your immediate action.

So please make sure you contact your representative today at 202-224-3121 and let them know you’re STRONGLY opposed to the Deep State’s warrantless spying programs on law-abiding Americans.

I know I’ve written to you a lot lately about this being our best chance ever to strike a death blow against the surveillance state.

I believe that.   And I’m confident this is a fight we can ultimately win.

But we MUST do all we can to see it through.

Please act at once.

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