This Week in Congress Part Two

On Wednesday, the House voted on a bill keeping the government open until December 18, thus giving them more time to agree on an omnibus spending bill and a COVID “relief” spending bill.

The bill passed by a vote of 343-67. You can see the vote here.

The longer it takes to come to a deal on government funding and COVID relief, the more likely it is that the COVID bill will be attached to the omnibus spending bill. Thus, the bill (or bills) is likely to be rushed to the floor before most members and their staffs have had time to properly study them before voting on them.

Right now, the main sticking points of the COVID bill are the Republicans’ demand that the bill protect businesses from liability for COVID-19 related claims and the Democrats’ demand that the bill include money for state governments and the Postal Service. There is also a bipartisan push to have the bill include another round of “stimulus” checks. There is some disagreement between Republicans over an idea floated by the Trump administration to pay for stimulus checks by reducing funding for extended unemployment benefits.

Campaign for Liberty opposes any spending bill that adds to the deficit or funds programs, like mandatory testing and tracking, that infringe on our liberties.

The House also passed the National Defense Authorization Act by a vote of 335-78. Forty Republicans joined 37 Democrats in opposing the bill. This is enough for an override of a potential presidential veto.
You can see the vote here.

The Senate rejected two measures to disapprove arm sales to the United Arab Emirates. S.J.Res. 77 rejected sales of certain defense articles and services such as military drones to the UAE. The second, S.J.Res. 78, rejected the sale of conventional aircraft and services to the UAE. S.J.Res. 77 failed by a vote of 46-50, S.J.Res. 78 failed by a vote of 47-49. Arizona Senator Mark Kelly voted for S.J.Res. 78, after opposing S.J.Res. 77.

Sadly, Senator Rand Paul was the only Republican to support the measures.
You can see the vote on S.J.Res. 77 here.
You can see the vote on S.J.Res. 78 here.
You can see Senator Paul’s remarks here.

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