Welcome to Illinois Campaign for Liberty

Illinois C4L saw many successes in the 2011 spring legislative session. Our first victory of the session was realized when our activists, together with Home School groups throughout the state, defeated an attempt to end Home School freedom in Illinois.

The attack, launched by State Senator Maloney, was swift, and he was wholly unprepared for the pushback he received. When limited-government patriots around the state learned of his assault, constituents responded with unrelenting phone calls, overwhelming office staff throughout the capitol.  4,000 supporters of Educational Freedom gathered in Springfield to proclaim their right to educate their children free from the intrusive hand of government, prompting the Senate to permanently table the bill.

Later in the session, Illinois C4L fought for emergency legislation to prevent Illinois Attorney General, Lisa Madigan, from releasing the identities of firearms owners in the state under a Freedom of Information Act request. The legislation passed overwhelmingly in both houses.

Illinois C4L also helped defeat a bill that would have banned the use of Trans Fats in restaurants, bakeries, and movie theaters in the state. The legislation had quietly passed the House, but when limited government advocates became aware of the proposed ban, the pressure became so intense that the measure failed with Senators voting 40-13 against the bill.

The Spring Session has thankfully come to an end, giving us the opportunity to regroup and plan for the battles ahead.

While directing our energy at the state level is imperative, transforming our state must begin at the most local level.

Illinois leads the nation with 7,000 taxing authorities at the local level. (Pennsylvania is second with    4, 900.) That is 7,000 local boards that have the power to levy taxes and spend that plunder with reckless abandon - unless activists at the local level put a stop to the madness.

As we celebrate the victories we have achieved this year, it is important that we continue the critical work within our Townships and Counties. In just a couple of short months, local boards will be considering raising levies once again, and only an active constituency can stop it.

Over the summer and early fall months, Illinois C4L will be focusing our efforts at the most local levels, planting and building up local organizations.

If you are interested in leading the effort in your area, or have any questions, please contact me at [email protected]



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