We’ll see. On your knees!

“Where are you going?” they want to know.

“Work,” you respond, wondering why you’re face-to-face with blue-shirted (or maybe brown-shirted) government agents at your door.

We’ll see. On your knees,” one of them commands holding up a long cotton test swab, as another confiscates your phone and begins downloading an “immunity tracing app” while scrolling through your frequent contacts.

It’s not the TSA. But they are government goons, and they’re there to restrict your travel and worse!

I’m talking about H.R. 6666 -- the so-called TRACE Act.

This bill creates a Stasi-style police force with power to enter your home to “conduct testing,” “contact tracing,” and “related activities,” for “other purposes” to separate those who test positive (or refuse to comply) from loved ones!

In other words, you and I could find ourselves living in a country where we only have liberties if we get the proper government mark soon!

So please, sign your petition to STOP H.R. 6666 at once!

With so many Americans living in fear of the invisible coronavirus enemy, and millions more desperate to get back to “normal” at whatever the cost, H.R. 6666 has gained cosponsors at a break-neck clip -- dozens per week (58) since it was introduced in the U.S. House just weeks ago!

And, Nancy Pelosi just injected $75 billion of funding in the coronavirus spending bill the House passed last week as a down payment on this $100 billion-per-year plot.

It’s vital you act at once -- authoritarians in BOTH parties at every level of government have proven they’ll do anything to seize more power and control over you and me!

That’s why I hope you’ll sign your petition to STOP H.R. 6666! immediately.

Where is all of this heading?

“Tested-only” drinking fountains or worse?

After all, the same folks pushing H.R. 6666 tell us we must listen to Dr. Anthony Fauci and his pal Bill Gates who’ve made clear they want forced medical intervention and citizens required to carry IMMUNITY CARDS in order to work or travel.

It’s only “temporary” they say . . . to “protect Americans” until we can “safely return to normalcy.”

But since the COVID-19 panic began, they’ve been moving the goalposts.

First, it was “flattening the curve” to ensure hospitals weren’t overwhelmed. But now that hospitals are largely empty, they’re coming up with new excuses to attack our freedoms.

The fact is, there’s virtually nothing as permanent as a “temporary” government program.

If you and I don’t spring into action soon, I’m worried it won’t be long until government agents are at our door demanding entry.

We’ve got to make it 100% clear -- coronavirus DOES NOT give government license to trample our liberties.

The good news is, Campaign for Liberty’s proven, winning strategies and tactics can thwart the statists’ assaults on our liberties.

And we are ready to mobilize a groundswell of liberty-loving Americans to halt this draconian plot.

I need to know you’re with me.

So please, sign your STOP H.R. 6666 petition at once.

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