What Do We Have to Celebrate?

By Luke Marrazzo

Last Thursday, we all celebrated Independence Day because in America we are and will always be free, right? Yet when one looks at the laws and policies in place now, it almost appears that the only unadulterated freedom we possess is the freedom to keep the government safe from the will of the people. This freedom means we have the right to not have any form of privacy, the right to be conscripted into perpetual war, the right to be told what we can and cannot buy, sell, and consume, and the right to be told where, when, and for how long we can exercise our right to petition for a redress of grievances, among many more new-found “rights.” Control is the name of this “freedom” that the government has graciously bestowed upon us and we all celebrate it every year.

Especially with this latest revelation, or confirmation, about the NSA’s spying program, it has become all the more abundantly clear that none of the rights which we once declared inalienable are now actually seen as inviolable. The rights we secured in The War for Independence are surrendered  to perpetuate our global police action. To the government, we are nothing more than assets to ensure its retention of power; it is just the nature of government. Even when we vote against these policies on Election Day, we still fund them every time we fill up on gas, buy nearly anything, and whenever we get a paycheck.

This is why further action is required to bring a halt to this dangerous trend. Actions speak louder than words, and it is your action that can turn the tide in favor of liberty and limited government.  Signing the Pledge of Support for the 4th Amendment is an excellent first step. Following through on that pledge with actions of your own is what really leads to positive change in our country. Call your representatives and, demand more transparency in government. Remind them they serve the people and they derive their powers from our consent.

Today more Americans than ever are involved in the Liberty Movement and more are joining each day. As Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul likes to say, “an irate, tireless minority” is all that is needed for liberty to triumph. Just as the Founder’s won this country over for the cause of individual liberty, so shall we too achieve a return to those principles through the actions of grassroots activists like you.

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