What Do You Want to See in the GOP Platform?

The Republican National Committee has developed a website to allow users to submit ideas for what they would like to see included in the Republican Party platform and to second ideas that other users have proposed.

This is a great opportunity for C4L supporters to make their support for including liberty issues in the 2012 GOP platform known.

One of Virginia's delegates to the National Convention, Matthew Hurtt, penned an op-ed this morning in The Daily Caller outlining what he would like to see included in the platform. These are issues the liberty movement can easily coalesce around to take the GOP platform in a more liberty-minded direction.

Wrote Hurtt,

I believe there are five key issues that the Republican Party should adopt as part of its platform at the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa:

1.) A comprehensive audit of the Federal Reserve.

2.) An unrestricted and unregulated Internet that unleashes the entrepreneurial spirit.

3.) Oppose indefinite detention of U.S. citizens.

4.) Get serious about spending cuts.

5.) Support only constitutional declarations of war.

Hurtt goes on to expand his views on each of the topics and concludes by indicating that he believes these are issues of importance to a new, young generation of Americans. The article is definitely worth taking a few minutes to read today.
And, after you've read the article, don't forget to go to http://www.gopplatform2012.com/ to make your voice heard on what you'd like to see in the 2012 GOP platform.

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