What is stirring the pot?


It is the creation of questions to locate or find answers to, to provoke thought amongst us all, to evaluate these with every possibility and determine the directions that has the intent, Since I can only cause some idea in a direction I choose the question becomes which direction is this?


If you look at all activity around you, what are all the directions associated? Is it Capitalism, Catholicism or is it possibly a Republic you are attempting to reach. Which destination are you shooting for? This will help you determine what others are shooting for and it is not what is said that defines the direction, it is the actions taken and the residues or results left after such an act.


The act of questioning is what? The act of finding answers to specific questions. What is wrong with this? Nothing and is the act of everything right about it, in fact nothing should go unchallenged, not one idea, WHY? To find the decision made and discover the true intent of the actions being taken, to know exactly what someones idea is up to and the destination it attempts to meet. How do you stop a direction? You oppose it, refuse it and dare not accept it at all. All motions or all directions taken are chosen or accepted as ok without investigation for the most part today. The directions investigated are genuine because they expose the true intent and this means the act of secrecy for your security is very false. This means full investigation of every act should be allowed regardless of where it is generated. The only ones who would push for full on secrecy are actually your enemy because the act plus the intent equals the destination one is attempting to meet.


Not exactly what you learned in science is it? You could call me a thought provoker or instigator of thought with in you. This is because it is my intent and I give full disclosure and will gladly respond or allow investigation because in all honesty I have not one thing to hide. This in no way says I am politicly correct because I am not because I refuse the popular agenda all together. In reading my posts on this site what intent do you really get from me? Is it an agenda or is it to investigate your surroundings? It is totally to get YOU into the act of investigation, to answer the questions I bring out in you by that which I provoke.


Nasty isn’t it, someone attempting to get you to learn investigation of you and your surroundings. Is there truly something less genuine? Since I locate most answers by the discovery of me I had but no choice and since I see the most resistance in this area I thought I would begin at the root of the very problem to begin with. Am I popular, O Hell no, am I good? Ask yourself.


Since I have gone to great extremes to discover myself certainly I found many many answers that have become undeniable about me. Had I never investigated I would not be here today I assure you because my intent is for you to have such discoveries because this much energy cannot be that bad, If you are in you 50s as I am can you honestly say you are filled with energy you cannot stop such as when you were 10 or 12? Let me tell you something, I have more now than then and my only answer to this is my discoveries and that is all I have. Discoveries are made by the asking of the questions and the the act of searching to find results that bare witness to answers that are visible and can be experience by nun other than you. When these are about you as life and answers are located does energy become more real and in abundance. What does this mean to you? Discover.



By William Schooler

A Producing American provoking YOU.

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