What will happen if Ron Paul looses in Tampa the GOP Primary ?

Will , there are sevral things that are happing at this point that I should point out, first off the Demacratic and Republican Parties are not the only Political Parties in this Country , the 3 main Mior Parties begining in 3d Place , The Constitution Party , than then the 4th Largest the Libertarain Party and than there's the Independed Party,  So if Ron Paul looses the Nomination which is up in the air interms of wether he can win the Republican Nomination or not , its simple he could run as an Indedpended and run in the Genral Election against bouth Mitt Romney and Burok Obama , but When if he does'int?  than you have the Constitution Party , how is haveing there Nomination  today in Nashvill Tennessie , they have veres Canadates  the same amount rufley that the Gop has , and only one of them can be the Nomine and there Deleagates are going to make that determanation , its from 4/18/2012 to 4/21/2012  and they are also trying to make it on the Ballot in all 5o states , the last time that happend was when Ross perol ran for President in the 90s and he got debate covrage and was given covrage in the Media , The Libertairan Party has already made it on the ballot in all 37 states , and to get a the ballots you need a nofe signcahers to give to the Commiite men how than will put you on the ballot and there Convenchtion is gonna be in Las Vages on May the 6th and its gonna be a cuple of days at the RedRock resourt ware the Nomine will be choocen bouth the Constiitution Party and Libertairan Parties are trying to make it on the ballot in all 50 states , so they can get debate covrage and Media covrage in the Process , and be reconiced by we the People , but the Argument is often made that if you vote for a Political 3d Party you disifle votes from the Republicans and the Demacrats win and the Dems say the same thing to there people accpept Vieversol , but that can only happen if the Republicans and the Demacrats are neck to neck and wonte happen if what ever 3d Party is getting 10 or 15 % of the vote , I will point out that if a 3d Party is to win that people must be loly and unite to a speciffi 3d Party  number 1 . a 3d party can win as Presedent of the United States or members of Congress and pick up the Majoirty of seats and so far they have only been able to do that in may local cities towns and vilages in may areas of this Country and was abe to get people elceted in verius Postions through the Conutry .  Evn know Ron Paul has a good chance at winning the Nomination and that the Libertarians and Constitutionalist will probaly droup out if he wins , they are takeing no chances at this point in time beacuse they are perpararing , to get in to Postion in the event he does'int win espeally if they rigg his Deleagate votes,  and so the Likely hood is eather the Constituion party gets someone to become are Presedent or its 4 years of Obama or 4 years of how ever the Libertarain Party canadate is gonna be in any canse the likely hood is if Romney wins the Nomination he wont win and the Likely hood  is if Ron Paul wins then yes he can defeat Obama , and is currenlty in 2nd place within the Gop Deleage count , but theres always that when if , thats what the Political 3d parties are pearparing for . thoe its up in the air as far as wether Romney or Ron Paul can win  the Nomination  and any one of them two at this point can win and Newt Ginrage does'int have a chance but the 3d Parties want to be served as an alternative if Ron Paul looses not only so that they can win  and beat and blow Romney and Obama out of the water but also , so that the Messege of Liberty can be spread , you can find out more infomation on the Political 3d Parties and cerupition in this Country on http://www.StartwithFreedom.webs.com info is not always updated , and other Sources are available on my Website on  its Home page provided with the link above .

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