Why Big Bussiness support Internet Sales Taxes

The following lines from Frank Chodorov's "Taxation is Robbery" may have been written in 1962 but, sadly, they are still relevant today, as large corporations like Wal-Mart and Amazon.com continue to a support policies such as the National Internet Tax Mandate, which harm their smaller competitors (hat tip Lew Rockwell):

Where a considerable outlay in taxes is a prerequisite for engaging in a business, large accumulations of capital have a distinct competitive advantage, and these capitalists could hardly be expected to advocate a lowering of the taxes. Any farmer can make whiskey, and many of them do; but the necessary investment in revenue stamps and various license fees makes the opening of a distillery and the organizing of distributive agencies a business only for large capital. Taxation has forced the individually-owned and congenial grog-shop to give way to the palatial bar under mortgage to the brewery or distillery. Likewise, the manufacture of cigarettes is concentrated in the hands of a few giant corporations by the help of our tax system; nearly three-quarters of the retail price of a package of cigarettes represents an outlay in taxes. It would be strange indeed if these interests were to voice opposition to such indirect taxes (which they never do) and the uninformed, inarticulate and unorganized consumer is forced to pay the higher price resulting from limited competition."

 Remember to call your Congressman this week and ask them to co-sign Thomas Massie's letter to House leadership opposing the National Internet Tax Mandate. (Current signers: Amash, Lofgren, McClintock, Fleming, DeSantis, Wenstrup, Bridenstine ,Daines, Culberson, DeFazio, Stockman, Garrett, Walter Jones, Cramer)


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