Will Randy Evans and Linda Herren Walk the Walk?

Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican National Committee, talks a good game about wanting to open the doors of the party to liberty movement activists . . .

. . . He just hasn't been walking the walk.

But at this week's RNC meeting, Chairman Priebus can show us he is serious about working with the liberty movement.

And all he has to do is support changing one word in the Republican National Committee's rules!

But he's not going to stand up to the powerful GOP establishment unless he knows the liberty movement is watching him and expects him to finally match his words with action.

That's why I need you to call Reince Priebus at (202) 863-8500.

If no one answers, please leave a message to make your voice heard.

Let Chairman Priebus know you expect him to support Virginia Committeeman Morton Blackwell's resolution changing "may" back to "shall" in section 16(C)(2) of the RNC Rules.

Mr. Blackwell's simple resolution reverses one of the worst rule changes made at the GOP convention last year in Tampa.

Prior to Tampa, the rules said that states holding primaries after April 1 "shall" allocate the delegates proportionately, assuring that supporters of candidates lacking establishment backing would still play a part in the convention.

Changing that "shall" to "may" ensures the GOP establishment will seize control of later primaries, handing the nomination to the establishment's anointed frontrunner and guaranteeing the delegates are loyal to the GOP establishment, not the grassroots - and certainly not the liberty movement.

Forget about launching a rEVOLUtion to reshape the Republican Party from a cozy country-club hangout to a viable force for limited government and individual liberty!

My sources tell me the vote could be extremely close - and getting Reince Priebus' support is the key to winning.

So please call Reince Priebus at 202-863-8500.

Again, if no one answers, be sure to leave a message expressing your support for Morton Blackwell's resolution.

And also contact your Republican National Committeeman and National Committeewoman from Georgia:

National Committeeman: Randy Evans

National Committeewoman: Linda Herren

Urge them to support Morton Blackwell's resolution.

Chairman Reince Priebus sat silently by in Tampa when the rules changes were rammed through against the will of the grassroots.

Since then, he has ignored the efforts of Morton Blackwell and grassroots conservatives to reverse those rules.

Now Chairman Priebus can take one simple step to let us know he means what he says about welcoming grassroots liberty movement activists into the GOP.

But unless he hears from you, Chairman Priebus could assume the grassroots has given up and no longer cares about the rules - freeing him to once again cater to the GOP establishment.

That's why you and I need to show Chairman Priebus we are still outraged and expect him to fight these rules changes.

So please call Reince Priebus at 202-863-8500, Randy Evans at 770-859-9500, and Linda Herren at 404-983-4429.

Let them know you expect them to support Virginia Committeeman Morton Blackwell's resolution changing "may" back to "shall" in section 16 (C)(2) of the RNC Rules.

Tell them it's time to prove they committed to backing up their words with action.

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