Will they silence you?

Inside sources tell us that Oregon state legislators are under pressure to pass so-called “ethics reform” bills designed to crush the grassroots.

These draconian laws would remove an individual’s right to speak anonymously by forcing organizations to release your name and address to a government monitoring agency.

Your private information would then be available on government websites for all to see!

In other words, politicians would have an “enemies list” to go after if you try to speak up about their voting records or engage with fellow citizens to advocate for a cause.

If passed, the law would secure the power of the political class by ensuring the voters cannot learn of a politician’s voting record on liberty issues.

The law is designed to undermine the kind of work you and I have done exposing corruption and conflicts of interest and holding legislators accountable.

So-called “ethics reform” laws have already silenced grassroots activists in Montana, and several other states are considering such bills attacking our First Amendment rights to free speech at this moment!

Unfortunately, many of these bills are supported and written by so-called conservatives.

Let’s ruin their plans!

Click here to make sure Oregon legislators know that you don’t want your private information released.  Let them know that any attempt to introduce or pass legislation that impedes your free speech will not be tolerated.

Our right to free speech is especially important around election time.

You see, numerous court decisions over the last century have confirmed and reconfirmed that our political speech is protected from regulation.

In fact, any casual student of history knows the very purpose of the First Amendment is to protect POLITICAL speech that criticizes and exposes politicians

Politicians have no right to protection from criticism.


Yet, that’s what these so-called “ethics” bills are attempting to do.

And that’s what we must stop!

Until the gavel falls and the legislative session is closed, we must be vigilant in making sure lawmakers don’t succumb to the pressure.

Sign the petition to your legislators, then forward this message to your family and friends and ask them to sign.

Help end this attack on your free speech.

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