Win an Autographed Ron Paul Book

2020 has been a year like no other in my lifetime.

Before we turn the chapter on this unforgettable year, I thought you might want to read some other chapters. . .  about how liberty wins!

I’ll be giving away a copy of one my books of your choice — End the FedLiberty Defined, or Pillars of Prosperity — to THREE lucky folks who sign up by the Wednesday, December 16 deadline. And I’ll personally autograph it for you!

If we ever doubted the state’s ability to shut our economy down with fear and dishonesty, they sure proved what they’re capable of.
At least temporarily….

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily controversies during unprecedented times, so I thought many of you would enjoy some reading material that rings true no matter what goes on in the news cycle!

Sign up now for a chance to win one of three autographed books today!

No matter how much the establishment tries to use the latest crisis against us, we know that more people will seek out the free market and personal liberty to be the solutions.

Liberty has been on the ropes at times, but as I’ve seen time and time again, our supporters have a lot of fight in them and believe in the r3VOLution!

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how far you and I have come.

Through Campaign for Liberty, the r3VOLution continued and strengthened beyond my presidential campaigns, and succeeded in proving that government can be forced to heed the call of the grassroots.

But implementing grassroots mobilization plans like the ones Campaign for Liberty executes aren’t easy, or cheap.

That’s why I’m looking for many patriots to keep our movement expanding and ensure victory in the end!

Of course, there’s no contribution necessary to enter to win these books. But I do hope you’ll consider making a donation today to keep Campaign for Liberty moving forward.

Please fill out the form at this link to enter the giveaway to win one of the autographed copies of the book of your choice.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

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