Yes, we can... audit the Fed!

During C4L's "Liberty Forum" at the 2009 Conservative Political Action Conference, we announced our young organization's top legislative priority - achieving an audit of the Federal Reserve.  Dr. Ron Paul had then recently reintroduced the bill as H.R. 1207, with 11 cosponsors.  No one knew for sure what to expect, but we heard plenty of opinions on what would happen - including doubts or outright disbelief that the bill would ever move.

But Campaign for Liberty's second-to-none grassroots members refused to give in to the naysayers and went to work, pouring pressure on their elected officials and spreading the word about why our historic bill was desperately needed.  More Americans than ever before learned about the Fed and the disastrous effects it has had on our economy (one easy way to illustrate this message is on the Minneapolis Fed's own website, where you can measure the value of today's dollar against the 1913 dollar).

Momentum built quickly, and before the 111th Congress was out, a thorough audit passed the House, and a limited audit was ultimately attached to the Dodd-Frank legislation.  The next Congress brought a massive, bipartisan 327-98 standalone victory for Audit the Fed in the House, which incredibly increased even further to 333-92 in the 113th Congress.

Yet it's still hard to avoid hearing doubts or disbelief that the bill will ever clear the Senate.  But here's one way of seeing our progress - the unprecedented attacks we've witnessed recently on both the bill and those who support it.  Remember, the status quo's defenders never thought the Ron Paul R3VOLution would stick around after 2008, much less get Audit the Fed through the House - and then more than once.  Time and again, though, Campaign for Liberty and our members have proven them wrong.  So seeing the establishment lash out is to be expected, and the assault wouldn't be so vicious if we weren't so close to achieving our goal.

Using the same education and grassroots mobilization approach that has brought us this far, our movement can see another historic victory in the form of a Senate vote and Senate passage.  Just a few years ago, how many would have believed the Senate Majority Leader would be a cosponsor on Audit the Fed legislation?

You can help Campaign for Liberty keep the pressure on our elected officials - and turn it up to pass Audit the Fed - by calling Congress at 202-224-3121 and urging your representative and senators to support and call for standalone, roll call votes on Audit the Fed (H.R. 24/S. 264).

Let's prove the establishment wrong yet again.

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