You're Next?

For over two years we’ve watched the national media elites cheerlead for the “Russian Collusion” charade as the Deep State targeted a politician they HATE -- just for the “crime” of beating their chosen candidate in 2016.

Now they’re going for President Trump’s jugular with an impeachment scheme that looks fully-backed by the Deep State.

I’ve been shouting from the rooftops for decades that our fragile Republic won’t last long if we continually hand the government spying powers over our lives.

After all, if they’ll go after a sitting president, you or any other law-abiding American could be next.

The good news is, with a major battle looming over reauthorization of the so-called "USA Freedom Act" and some of the Deep State’s most intrusive surveillance powers, you and I could have our best opportunity to strike a deathblow against Big Brother and restore the Fourth Amendment protections all law-abiding Americans deserve.

Today, our Constitution’s Fourth Amendment -- which protects American citizens’ right to privacy against government snoops -- is hanging by a thread.

The fact is, the Deep State is hell-bent on collecting your (and every other American’s) emailsphone recordstext messagesInternet searchesinstant messagesonline purchases, and Facebook posts -- the reach of the Big Government statists’ surveillance powers over you and me should scare every liberty-loving American to the core.

And once the “experts” in Washington, D.C. know how we live, it’s only a matter of time until they start trying to “fix” us by telling us what we can and can’t own, read, watch, think, listen to, and teach our kids and grandkids.

Of course, they tell you and me “trust us and everything will be ok.”

But how can we, knowing our government has targeted political opponents like Martin Luther King, Jr. routinely in the past?

How can we after the IRS -- under the last president -- was caught red-handed targeting limited government organizations?

How can we after the last administration illegally wiretapped reporters who dared criticize them?

I don’t know about you but I sure don’t trust “safeguards” and “oversight” the Deep State promises you and me to “protect” our privacy.

Court documents revealed earlier this year that the NSA illegally collected millions upon millions of phone call and message records on innocent Americans.  As one Bloomberg News report stated, the NSA "deliberately ignored restrictions on their authority to spy on Americans multiple times in the past decade."

And just since the lid was blown off our federal government’s domestic surveillance programs in the summer of 2013, we’ve seen story after story hit the press regarding NSA abuses, including:

NSA employees spying on ex-lovers and spouses -- a practice so common, the intelligence community has come up with their own jargon, “LOVEINT,” to describe it;

REFUSING to say whether or not they spied on members of Congress, which would effectively destroy any ability of our government’s Legislative Branch to police this rogue agency;

Effectively GUTTING attorney-client privilege by holding confidential records.

There are literally thousands of examples of abuse.  The FBI has become so emboldened, they’re using DMV photos to launch a massive facial recognition database!

And now Deep State operatives in the Trump administration are pushing Congress for a permanent reauthorization of the “USA Freedom Act” -- the phony reform bill Congress passed to replace Section 216 of the "PATRIOT" Act -- which was supposed to "fix" the NSA's unconstitutional domestic spying procedures.

You and I can’t let the Deep State get away with their plot to cement its dragnet surveillance powers over law-abiding Americans.

So please act at once.

With the "USA Freedom Act" set to expire at the end of this year, this could be our best opportunity to strike a deathblow against Big Brother and restore the Fourth Amendment protections all law-abiding Americans deserve.
Campaign for Liberty relies on our dedicated grassroots supporters like you for all we do battling back against assaults on our liberties.

For Liberty,
Ron Paul

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