Arizona C4L Fights Back Against Photo Radar

Arizona Campaign for Liberty Executive Director Shawn Dow was interviewed by Fox 10 about our fight in Arizona against photo radar. Watch the interview below:

Campaign for Liberty Stands with Apple in Favor of Privacy

SPRINGFIELD, Virginia - Today, Campaign for Liberty President Norm Singleton issued the following statement regarding Apple's refusal to aid the FBI in accessing an iPhone used by one of the suspected San Bernardino shooters by creating what [...]

Stack the Legal Odds in Your Favor

C4L Chairman Ron Paul wrote the foreword to this new book out tomorrow. "The highly acclaimed legal self-help book written from the perspective of a lawyer and non-lawyer—a perfect hybrid that is the product of a unique synergy not found [...]

Senate Judiciary Committee Opposes Supreme Court Hearings

Earlier today the GOP members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, chaired by Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), wrote a letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell vowing not to hold hearings on Justice Antonin Scalia's replacement until a new [...]

War on Cash?

Will the next war waged by the federal government be a war on cash? Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers has come out in favor of eliminating the $100 bill, arguing that it will stop terrorism. Yes, Terrorism! Summers writes in the Washington [...]

Campaign for Liberty Continues to Stand with Apple

SPRINGFIELD, Virginia - Today, Campaign for Liberty President Norm Singleton issued the following statement regarding the FBI postponing a hearing trying to force Apple to create a backdoor around its security features allowing the FBI to [...]

Janet Yellen’s Press Conference Translated from Fedspeak into English

This week, the Federal Reserve held a press conference announcing that it would not raise interest rates. Of course, it's sometimes hard to understand what the Federal Reserve is actually saying, so our good friends at the Carl Menger Center have [...]

Pentagon Admits Flying Military Spy Drones over US

As a result of a Freedom of Information Act request, the Pentagon reported that it had flown surveillance drones over the US over the past decade. From USA Today: The Pentagon has deployed drones to spy over U.S. territory for non-military [...]

WATCH: Ron Paul Discusses Apple's Stand Against the FBI

Watch C4L Chairman Ron Paul discuss Apple refusing a court order to create a backdoor to the iPhone: Watch the latest video at video.foxbusiness.com

Apple Refuses FBI Request to Make Backdoor to iPhone

Today, Apple, announced on its website that it is refusing to comply with an FBI request to create software allowing the government to unlock the iPhone belonging to the San Bernardino shooter. Apple argues that this request will create a [...]