2014 Wisconsin Candidate Survey Results

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Heading into convention, state GOP faces strife over Common Core, secession resolution

They say focus on a resolution supporting state's right to secede is a distraction from fight over school standards. ...read more Source: Madison.com

Will you run as a Liberty candidate for office?

You need a Frames Capable browser to view this content. Campaign for Liberty is a 501(c)4 organization and as such, current IRS regulations would prohibit us from endorsing your candidacy. But do you really need an endorsement when you will [...]

Pints & Politics – The militarization of our police force – Dunn County Campaign for Liberty

Police militarization, federalization of our police departments, no-knock warrants.  Where will it stop? Do you and I have to worry about the police busting down our door or doing the bidding of Obama? Karen Mueller is a liberty lawyer [...]

2014 Wisconsin Sheriff Candidate Survey

Attached is Wisconsin Campaign for Liberty's 2014 Sheriff Candidate Survey. This survey is a member mailed survey.  Do you have a primary in your county for sheriff?  Contact the county clerk, get their contact information, and send them the [...]

It's so horrible, establishment angry

Campaign for Liberty supports your right to belong to the political party of your choice, and we support your right not to join a party, too. But there is a big battle brewing this weekend at the GOP State Convention I think you’ll want to know [...]

Centralized Planning on Fast Track in Madison - Regional Transit Authorities (RTAs)

Centralized planning at its finest is being fast tracked by Republicans in Madison right now. I'm talking about Regional Transit Authorities. Regional Transit Authorities (RTAs) give unelected bureaucrats the power to tax you and use [...]

Wisconsin 69th & 21st Assembly Special Election Republican Primary Candidate Survey 2013

Dear Supporter, Campaign for Liberty gave candidates for 69th & 21st Assembly Special Elections an opportunity to provide a straight answer to the following questions.  The candidates’ answers can be seen below the list of [...]

Wisconsin Firearm Freedom Act Petition

If Obama has his way, he will take all of your guns, regardless of what the Second Amendment says! Thankfully, as I mentioned in my last email to you, theWisconsin Firearm Freedom Act (LRB 2063) has been introduced. And the gun-haters [...]