Rebuking McCain

Campaign for Liberty members and many grassroots Republicans across the country were outraged in July when John McCain cut a deal with Harry Reid enabling the confirmation of several of President Obama's most controversial nominees.

Among the nominees McCain helped get through the filibuster was Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) nominee Richard Cordray, even though McCain had previously signed a letter promising to oppose Cordray’s nomination unless reforms were made to the CFPB. 

McCain also enabled the confirmation of Obama's anti-Right to Work nominee, Thomas Perez, to be Secretary of Labor, as well as Obama’s stacking the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) with anti-worker freedom nominees, and Environmental Protection Agency nominee Gina McCarty. Mrs. McCarthy is not only a radical proponent of polices like “Cap and Trade” she also stonewalled Congressional attempts to obtain information about the EPA’s operations.

Prior to McCain’s deal, Harry Reid was threatening to use the "nuclear option," which would have gutted the filibuster, to force the nominations through the Senate. However, it was not certain if Reid could even get enough Democrats to go along with him in breaking the Senate rules in order to change them.

Then John McCain came to Reid’s rescue. McCain no doubt thought he could bask in the glow of praise form the beltway media while the people of Arizonian would remain ignorant of his latest betrayal.

Nevertheless, thanks to Campaign for Liberty members raising Cain, the people of Arizona did find out about McCain’s actions. Arizona’s Republican Legislative District 26 recently passed a formal resolution rebuking McCain for undermining the Senate Republican Leader by making deals with Harry Reid. Hopefully, other Republicans who might be tempted to join Senator McCain in cutting deals with Harry Reid will learn from McCain's rebuke that the GOP’s growing liberty-wing is watching them and will hold them accountable at home.

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