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I am a 22 year old who is not college educated, but self-educated. I can hold my own in a debate; ranging from social issues, fiscal issues, policies, and politics. My desire to save this amazing Country, in my opinion, is greater than those of others who just want things to change. I hope to serve in the House of Reps to change things in the Capitol, once I'm old enough. I would never, and will never consider myself a politician, because I don't believe politicians are honest enough people to change things in the right direction. Politicians enact policies to help them, not their constituencies. Politicians are the people who got us (America) into the mess we are in now. I cannot, however, give all the credit (blame) to them; the American people who have become apathetic, are also to blame. Thankfully, I see a bunch of people waking up and realizing that Liberty is not something you should ever feel apathetic about, instead it is something that should turn you into a "crazy nut-job", or so the establishment and MSM would like you, and others, to think you are. People are becoming more active in learning about Liberty and Freedom (redundant?), and more and more people are starting to look at things in a completely different way. All of this inspires me to become more educated, and start more conversations with those who have yet to wake up. I hate playing the game, and will do my best to stay away from it, only then can the game change to what it should be; not a game.