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Dear Dr, Paul,
I have been following your message to the people, and as well, I wanted to thank you,
I believe that you have woken a lot of people up, There is so much apathy, as our world and government has changed. I wrote to your son Rand and I really think as you passed the torch, he can be a voice of hope, in this broken place, once a striving nation,
We need tradition as he said , the tradition that gave us our liberties,, Somehow people fell from this, as our world grew, and all became too easy, I will not go into all of that, but I am out here and trying to revive this sense of responsibility we have to hold onto our Republic and to our Constitution, I was deeply saddened at the treatment such a brilliant man as yourself had gotten from the media, when the people were filling stadiums, We know why, We just need a whole bunch of people to stand up and fight! And always protect our liberty , our Constitution..... I recently was laughed at, for petitioning for this or that, whether it be Mariam in Sudan. or my petition to save NE 's best Grocer and CEO with 71 stores from corp greed takeover, I am used to it, and I remain in my fight , back here in the Boston/NH area to promote you and your son Rand , His work in the senate is excellence! ( as is yours!) We are gathering more people, I believe these people without faith, have no hope...... and this breeds their apathy,, no matter what the cause is, I also see them starting to think, and follow, as they see me, and others out there not giving in to this. I am praying for our people and Republic to stand,, through the corruption, through it all. I am known on my FB page to be a bit outspoken, politely of course, .. I do not enter a debate, that is self defeating with drama and hostility, I was shaken when they took Lybia down, and wept,, Gaddafi warned us, as he stood and spoke in vain at the UN,,, Basically, I when I started the petition for this local Grocer, that I happened to grow up with, we were all over the news,, globally!! I told the employees to let the people in to the pages, or they would lose to the corruption,,! Well after the 2 million shoppers or so, got together, and held the boycott line, we got the stores back, and saved our Arthur T Demoulas,,. grandson of an immigrant from Greece, as I am the grand daughter of 4 grandparents (Sicily and Ireland). they came here and contributed to the country and took care of their own as they did employees as well, To think that Walmart gets away with what it does, ,, saddens me, and to think we had to petition to get a Christian woman out of Sudan! Our President's brother is over there and active!............. yikes,! ( no comment huh?)
Well I just wanted to say hello, and if I can be of service in our campaign for Liberty, please feel free to call upon me,
In summary,
Thank you for standing true to your beliefs, for us, the people,, and I hope it is catchy!!! I intend to keep it going for you and your son,
God Bless You!
Mary C Giacobbe
PS..When we stand silent in situations of injustice, we take the side of the oppressor,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,