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I became involved in the Republican Party more than twenty years ago. It has provided me a great opportunity to meet my community members beginning on the precinct level. I also worked as a poll manager chairman for many years. Through this time I've helped to get conservatives recruited and winning public office on the local, county and state levels and made many good principled relationships in the process. Getting good people elected is just a beginning as the involvement for keeping the elected accountable requires continued effort. But I've also seen on the national level that we seem to get the same government representation no matter which party was occupying the offices. This is when I met Ron Paul, a true conservative, a statesman who held an indisputable record of consistent principled integrity while the other politicians could only provide the rhetoric. It was refreshing, and hopeful, that this congressman from Texas gained such a following of support so quickly. It was always about the message and not about the man. It still is. I agree with Congressman Paul that the party lost its way. Like him, I continue to believe the Republican Party is the best vehicle to be engaged within the political process. I encourage every citizen to JUST SHOW UP with the process, no matter which party you prefer. DO NOT discount your abilities. The fact that you are reviewing this site speaks many volumes. You've got what it takes to bring about great changes. The need for your involvement has never been more crucial than it is today. Join with me as we reclaim our country as the Founders envisioned. Freedom has never been free, nor will it ever be. For you, for our children and grandchildren, and for our country, do it. All it takes is your belief in purpose and commitment to just one precinct. All the required tools have been provided...all you need to do is to JUST SHOW UP. You'll meet good people along the way, enjoy good relationships with those who will respect your passion for liberty.  Contact me for any assistance I may be.