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I believe very strongly that the Republican Party is in need of great reform from within.  I believe that we will win only with a large infusion of good people, patriotic in nature, and sound in their history and principles. I believe that we need to be organized and communicating well before the '09 Conventions. Liberty and our republic will survive only if WE can mend the torn fabric of this experiment we call America.

     The Republican Party is weak, defeated, and searching for direction.  The exodus of good people and those who think that "politics" is full of corruption have left the GOP. This has left it with too many who just enjoy the political games but are scared to lead our nation where it needs to go. Logically then, what can we expect from the Party when the politically pragmatic have been left to run the show?  What kinds of candidates can we expect to have on our ballots?  What kind of discipline can we expect from the Party when an elected Republican violates his/her oath of office to defend the Constitution?

     I believe the time has come to make a 2 or 4 year commitment to become involved and work toward getting others that love freedom and our Constitution to rise to the necessity of the occasion!  Please believe me, it does not take many to have a fabulous impact for good. In North Carolina, it would take less than 1,000 people to reform the Party.  That equates to only one person per three precincts joining with us.  I invite you to join our new organization, The Campaign for Liberty! Click on this link and sign up: www.CampaignForLiberty.com