Campaign for Liberty Endorses Raul Labrador for Majority Leader

SPRINGFIELD, Virginia- Today, in response to reports that Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has allegedly locked up support to become the next House Majority Leader, Campaign for Liberty released the following statement from C4L President John Tate regarding replacing Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) in the House’s second most powerful position:

“Rep. Eric Cantor’s historic loss on Tuesday should be a wake-up call to all elected officials that they ultimately work for the people,” said C4L President John Tate.

“Apparently not enough House Republicans received that message on Tuesday, as reports indicate Republicans are considering replacing the status quo with more status quo.  Instead of bringing a fresh voice to leadership, they’re sliding down the list to the next in line.

“Like Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy has not joined the majority of his Republican colleagues in cosponsoring Audit the Fed , legislation supported by nearly 75 percent of the American people.  Despite the bill’s overwhelming support inside Congress and out, Eric Cantor has so far refused to listen and hold a vote on Audit the Fed this Congress.

“If Republicans elect Rep. Kevin McCarthy to be their next Leader, such tone deafness proves they aren’t anywhere close to ready to emerge from the political wilderness.  They don’t seem to realize that discontent with Eric Cantor extended far beyond his district, and replacing one leadership position with another current leader does not inspire voter confidence.  Unless House Republicans want to be Cantor’d themselves, they will elect a true conservative who respects Americans’ constitutional rights.

“It is reported Raul Labrador is considering running for the position, and if he pursues it, Campaign for Liberty would strongly support this Audit the Fed cosponsor to be the next Majority Leader as an alternative to McCarthy’s business-as-usual nomination.  I encourage Campaign for Liberty members to contact their Republican Representatives and urge them to support Labrador for Leader.”



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