It's Candidate Survey Time again! Don't let them hide!

One of Campaign For Liberty's most important projects is our candidate survey project. Our goal is to get every state and federal candidate on the record on Liberty issues like "Will you oppose all tax and fee increases and work to cut taxes and spending instead?" and "Will you support a “Constitutional Carry” bill that would allow any law-abiding citizen to carry a firearm concealed without a permit?".

We know that politicians that are campaigning have the most pressure to answer questions. When they are asking for your vote you should ask them to commit where they stand. Not verbally where they can deny it later if they flip flop but by signing their name to a survey for the world to see. Most politicians don't want to go on the record or hope that if they do answer tough questions the answers won't go public.

C4L is one of the few groups that conduct surveys that actually publish the results online for everyone to see. Our members, the politicians and the general public can see who had the courage to sign their name to a survey answering tough questions and which ones refuse to go on the record. If a candidate in your race has refused to return their survey please contact them to ask them what they are hiding. Every candidate received a survey with delivery confirmation to their campaign address and many more received email reminders to return their surveys. Don't accept the excuse "I never got it" because it most likely isn't true. You can see the results as they roll in for state and federal candidates and previous responses by going to our state survey page HERE. 

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