Costs and Consequences of Action Against Iran

           One of the hottest topics right now is the controversy surrounding Iran, its possible pursuit of nuclear weapons, and whether Israel, the United States, or the two countries together will attack Iran's [...]

Separating Ideas from Individuals

Ideas change the world, not people.Throughout the centuries, people have exchanged ideas. Some ideas have brought benefits to the world. Other ideas have been damaging. While certain ideas are constantly expanded upon. Throughout history, many of [...]

The Machiavellian States of America?

Niccolo Machiavelli (1469-1527) was the preeminent political philosopher of his time, whose immeasurable influence still resonates today, perhaps even moreso than ever. His book, The Prince, has remained as a very widely read book throughout the [...]

Capitalist Rothschilds

In modern times, The Rothschild family is often referred to as archetypal capitalists who were Europe's wealthiest family from 1820 onward and gained this position through their ability to exploit the capitalist system--this widely held view is [...]

Republicrats and Pandora

The story of Pandora's Box derives from ancient Greece and remains very relevant today but is not well understood, and too often neglected. There are various interpretations of the story behind Pandora's Box yet the most commonly referenced [...]

Warning: Internet Crisis!

The internet is one of the last few aspects of modern America that is relatively free from government control. The main reason being is that it is protected by the First Amendment. In Addition, the internet has become an invaluable aspect of [...]

Ron Paul vs. Alexander Hamilton

On the 200 Year Anniversary, The Real Debate Begins AgainIn January 1811, The First Bank of the United States (BUS) was brought down. Two hundred years later, The Federal Reserve Bank has gradually become the central point of most political [...]

Will America Shrug?

Since the time The United States of America was established its independence almost 235 years ago, the way that citizens view their government has changed significantly. Initially the government was intended to serve the people; whereas, in [...]

Views from Abroad

Having spent almost six years living in various parts of Asia and traveling to over 50 cities, I always made a deliberate effort to absorb as much of the local sentiment as possible. Sometimes this is very difficult given time constraints, [...]

Avoiding Enemies: U.S.-China Relations in Coming Decades

China’s Vice President Xi Jinping visited Washington in advance of his promotion to Communist Party General Secretary and Chinese President later this year.  It has been four decades since America and Beijing ended their cold [...]