Mind on the Money

“I think nobody can understand markets because they are totally irrational.” – Nobel laureate Professor Joseph Stiglitz, Columbia University, BBC Newshour, 8/5/11Traditional study of economics presumes that man is rational, [...]

A Case Against War with Iran

There has been a gross misrepresentation of facts to persuade the people of the United States to start another war. Since 9/11, militarists in the United States have represented one Muslim country after another as major threats to US security. In [...]

U.S. Should Leave Iraq

Despite the Obama administration’s best efforts, U.S. troops are on their way home from Iraq.  Only Iraqi opposition prevented American forces from garrisoning yet another nation forever.It is time to leave.  Finally.  [...]

Time to Audit the Fed!

 An interesting dichotomy occurred on Capitol Hill today.  At the same time, in two different parts of the Capitol complex, the Federal Reserve was the topic of discussion.On the one hand, there was Congressman Paul and his Subcommittee [...]

Then Katrina Came

Here I was, sitting in my office at Loyola University, New Orleans, where I teach economics, very busy doing what I take to be the Lord's work, and something unlikely as a wind on steroids rends asunder my work and life. It presented [...]

The Proposed Enemy Expatriation Act: Sending American Citizens into Exile

Sparked by the nation's so-called war on terrorism, the government has been charging full-throttle into another war -- a war on liberty.  Drawing on its almost limitless technological arsenal, the government surreptitiously tracks and [...]

5 Reasons to Oppose the NDAA

Suppose you were a humanitarian relief worker.  You spend your time at home and abroad bringing food aid to those whose lives have been devastated by disaster.  You feel like you’re devoting your life to a good cause and truly [...]

Finding Believers in Liberty in the Strangest Places

Kabul—Most Americans believe in liberty.  Even Washington can’t stamp out the commitment to individualism and independence that burns within most people.On my latest trip to Afghanistan I spent a lot of time with military [...]

Non-Interventionism: The Cornerstone of a Free Society

Even the most just war imaginable is a disaster for liberty and prosperity, as Ludwig von Mises pointed out. An unjust war amounts to murder, mayhem and mass destruction. And a perpetual state of war guarantees that liberty will never [...]

The Taxpayer's Tab

 Did you know, during the financial crisis, the global banking elite ran up a tab of $1.2 trillion in bailouts with taxpayer money through the Federal Reserve System?This figure is a subset of the $16 trillion in total I've [...]