Imagine an America

    As voting time once again nears, I ask you to imagine a once free America.  Imagine an America which promoted individual liberty and personal responsibility, not a welfare state.  Imagine a government restrained by [...]

Glen Bradley Shoot Event - Come zero your rifle and sharpen your shotgun!

Come zero your rifle and sharpen your shotgun!10AM to 5PMSaturday Oct 22              Shoot   Eat   Zero*Event     $25   [...]

Need Help Creating Credible Economic Simulation

I'm interested in contributting to Dr. Paul's campaign for presidency in my own little way. I would like to build a game that models the consequences of our current economic trends. A game that puts the player in the role of [...]

A Quick Note on Big "Law"

 1.  “All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void.” Marbury vs . Madison 1803The above decision by the supreme court effectively dismantles most "Laws" we have today, each [...]

Ten Arizona Sheriffs Call for Special Counsel to Probe Fast and Furious

The Sheiff explains fast and furious, why AG Holder has perjured himself under oath before Congress telling lies about his knowledge of fast and furious and why Obama Admin is criminally responsible for waging war against country of Mexico by [...]

Pennsylvania's capital files for Chapter 9 bankruptcy

Dear Readers, I hate to see PA rot from the center (capital) out. This city has the advantage of a gambling casino and gets soooo much money. The schools have been taken over also (failing schools) and it is my understanding that the city [...]

North Suburban Liberty Activist

I was a clueless left leaning independent before 2007. I thought the main purpose of government was to make life better for people, especially those in need. Then I met Ron Paul (thanks to my libertarian husband), who helped me realize that [...]

Campaign For Liberty's Continued Success Fighting Red Light Cameras

Great interview by Shawn at LPAC in September:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NuFXC4AeRXY

Albuquerque Voters Reject Redflex Red Light Cameras

Tuesday marked the 18th time that photo enforcement has been rejected by voters. In fact, those nasty cameras have still never survived a public vote.Going into yesterday’s voting at the polls the numbers were already against camera [...]

Would like to have a startup group in the Independence and Blue Springs area

Would you like to help?  I can't seem to find out about what has to be done.  Anyone know?