ICYMI: Ron Paul on Jay Leno

Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul joined Jay Leno on Thursday night to promote his new book, The School Revolution (pick up your copy today!), and to discuss the hot button issues of the day. See the full interview below:

Internet Sales Tax Could Crush Small Businesses

Here is Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk on how the Ron Paul Homeschool Curriculum gives students the opportunity to create their own Internet businesses, and the threat posed to these young Internet entrepreneurs by [...]

Time for a "School Revolution"

Dr. Ron Paul's new book, The School Revolution, is out today! From the book's introduction: More often than not, we do things a certain way in America strictly because they've already been done that way.  Of course, we tinker with policies [...]

Has The Tide Turned Against the Warmongers?

Here is Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul's latest Texas Straight Talk on the significance of the American people's overwhelming rejection of President Obama's desire to bomb Syria. Under Dr. Paul's leadership, Campaign for Liberty will [...]

Tax Hike Bob Strikes Again

If you live in Virginia you have noticed the price of your online purchases has increased. This is because a new Virginia online sales tax went into effect on September 8. The tax was supported by Virginia Governor "Tax Hike" Bob  [...]

Campaign for Liberty's Norm Singleton on Obamacare, Auditing the Fed, and the Libertarian Moment

Check out C4L's Vice President of Policy, Norm Singleton, in an interview with Reason TV about Campaign for Liberty's latest legislative battles. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=xWo-CYas1Tc

Catoosa County C4L Blocks Taxpayer Bailout

Way to go Catoosa County (GA) Campaign for Liberty! Members showed up to a County Commissioner's meeting and successfully blocked a proposed $35 Million taxpayer bailout of the Hutcheson Medical Center. "I think they did the right thing today. [...]

Internet Sales Taxes - Still Unpopular

One item on Campaign for Liberty's legislative agenda this year has been fighting to defeat the so-called "Marketplace Fairness Act," or the National Internet Tax Mandate as we call it. Despite Senator Reid rushing it through the Senate at the [...]