Will the House Repeal Indefinite Detention Authority?

The House of Representatives will take up the FY 2014 NDAA later this week. Sources indicate there will be a floor vote on an amendment to prevent the indefinite detention of American citizens and your representative will have the chance to fix [...]

Economy Miraculously Adds Jobs despite Increase in Unemployment

By: Jessie Markell The Department of Labor Statistics released their May jobs report this Friday, announcing that the economy added 175,000 jobs this month despite unemployment climbing from 7.5% to 7.6%. The numbers present an economy [...]

Is Nixon Obama's role model?

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How The Internet Sales Tax Harms Small Businesses

In a new video from the Heritage Foundation, Catesby Jones, President of Peace Frogs, a clothing company in Gloucester, Virginia,explains how the National Internet Sales Tax Mandate will harm his business. (Hat tip: Human Events).    

Liberty Reserve Targeted via USA PATRIOT Act

By: Wesley Long Liberty Reserve, an online money transfer and currency exchange service based in Costa Rica, was targeted for investigation and shutdown last week with help from the USA PATRIOT Act, according to this report from The [...]

Government Spying: Should We Be Shocked?

Here is Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk on the recent revelations that the Obama Administration has been sizing our phone records and spying on our Internet usage: Government Spying: Should We Be Shocked? Last [...]

Rep. Massie Tells Leadership #NoNetTax

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) sent a letter to House leadership opposing H.R. 684, the so-called "Marketplace Fairness Act" and urging them not to bring it up for a vote.  Massie was joined on his letter by 15 bipartisan signers. Read the letter in [...]

A Time for a New Style of Leadership

By: Jessie Markell At the Leadership Institute’s monthly Wednesday Wake-Up Club Breakfast the featured speaker, Rep. Justin Amash, suggested we are in a new age that calls for a new style of House leadership. Mr. Amash noted that as we [...]

Ron Paul: The Fourth Amendment is Clear

SPRINGFIELD, Virginia- Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul condemned reports that the Obama Administration is secretly collecting data from the phone calls of millions of Americans: “I wish I could say I was shocked at the reports the NSA [...]

Key Takeaway From NSA Scandal

Last night, Glenn Greenwald broke the news that for the first time in the Obama Administration there was definitive proof of the NSA's mass collection of "metadata" on American citizens. Greenwald writes, The order, a copy of which has been [...]