ObamaCare expansion is NOT free

This is getting serious. L.B. 1032, the bill that will expand ObamaCare in Nebraska, is expected to come up for debate and a vote on the Senate floor soon. Supporters of this bill grossly underestimated the real cost of expanding. The [...]

Back Door for Common Core in Kansas

    The education establishment is talking out of both sides of its mouth and hoping you won't notice. While some members of the education establishment are telling us teachers won’t be able to teach basic math if Common Core [...]

Judge, Jury, and Executioner

Imagine Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – commonly called drones – patrolling the skies over your neighborhood, giving the state unfettered access to everything you do. Drones equipped with high-tech cameras can scan entire cities or zoom in and [...]

Will they silence you in South Dakota?

I previously sent you a warning that an “ethics reform” scam was afoot, and it has been confirmed. A dangerous initiative has been approved for the November ballot. Measure 22, the so-called “South Dakota Government Accountability and [...]

Don't Shoot the Dogs

Cindy Archer was jolted awake by a pounding on the door. She raced to clothe herself as men forced their way into her house. Her first thought was for her dogs; they would not stop barking. She remembers yelling, “don’t shoot the dogs [...]

Missouri “Conservatives” Think YOU Need To Be Reformed

We just received word that dangerous so-called “ethics reform” bills have been introduced and are now sitting in committees in the Senate and the House (S.B. 570 and H.B. 2062). These bills can be considered at any time. Don’t let them [...]

Special Session for ObamaCare?

Governor Daugaard is so determined to force ObamaCare expansion on you, he’s seriously contemplating a special legislative session to make it happen. He couldn’t muster enough ObamaCare support from Republicans to force his plan through [...]

URGENT: Civil Forfeiture Vote Coming

Nebraska’s civil asset forfeiture bill, L.B. 1106, has passed the Judiciary Committee and is expected to be debated on the floor very soon! Civil forfeiture laws create a perverse incentive for police to target and seize property INSTEAD of [...]

Will they silence you in Arkansas?

I previously sent you a warning that an “ethics reform” scam was afoot in Arkansas, and it has been confirmed. A dangerous initiative has been proposed for the November ballot. The measure, called “The Campaign Finance Act of 2016,” [...]

Stop ObamaCare in the NH House!

H.B. 1696 passed the House Finance Committee last week, and Representative Hoell needs your immediate help to stop it on the House floor. To end New Hampshire’s ill-advised ObamaCare expansion scheme, the only thing Republican legislators [...]