Stop ObamaCare in the NH House!

H.B. 1696 passed the House Finance Committee last week, and Representative Hoell needs your immediate help to stop it on the House floor. To end New Hampshire’s ill-advised ObamaCare expansion scheme, the only thing Republican legislators [...]

Idaho Republicans Backing ObamaCare

Idaho Republicans are caving on ObamaCare. Reports say they might even make a last minute attempt to expand it THIS SESSION. Expanding Medicaid entitlements is just plain wrong for Idaho. States that have opted to expand their Medicaid [...]

End Party Over Principle

Are you tired of not knowing where candidates really stand on critical liberty issues? Campaign season is upon us, and we’ve all heard the political rhetoric that comes with it. Many of our legislators have gotten comfortable spewing [...]

Why Kansans Should Oppose An Article V Convention

I have a number of important reasons for opposing a Convention of the States, but there is one in particular that needs to be pointed out and that I’d like to focus on. Kansas is one of the most conservative states in the nation. This is [...]

Vote Coming to Kill Free Speech

We just received word that a so-called “ethics reform” bill will likely be coming up for a vote in the State Senate any day. It is URGENT that you call your State Senator TODAY and ask them to vote NO on S.B. 5153. Click here to find [...]

Nebraska Republicans Embracing ObamaCare

Senators Kathy Campbell and John McCollister are STILL trying to push ObamaCare expansion (L.B. 1032) on Nebraska citizens. And the bad news is more Senators appear to be caving to pressure this year than previous sessions. You see, [...]

URGENT Civil Forfeiture Vote Scheduled

Tennessee’s civil asset forfeiture bill, H.B. 2428, has been scheduled to be heard in the House Civil Justice Subcommittee and a vote is scheduled for March 9! Civil forfeiture laws create a perverse incentive for police to target and seize [...]

STOP ObamaCare Expansion in Idaho

You are paying the health insurance bills for 97% of Obama’s “newly insured.” And if some Idaho legislators get their way, you’ll be paying for even more. ObamaCare stooges swore their scheme would bring prices down, since [...]

Stop MORE Taxes Coming Your Way

In 2016, we face the threat of more and more taxes. Internet sales tax bill S.B. 106 is coming up for a hearing and will shortly be on its way to the Senate floor for a vote. Online sales taxes would impose high costs of compliance on [...]

WA Ethics Reform Scam

Inside sources tell us that Washington state legislators are under pressure to pass so-called “ethics reform” bills designed to crush the grassroots. These draconian laws would remove an individual’s right to speak anonymously by forcing [...]