Senator Shealy betrays gun owners and campaign pledge

Katrina Shealy Shealy betrays SC gun owners

In a stunning act of betrayal, Senator Katrina Shealy buried a bill that would have moved South Carolina closer to being a Constitutional Carry state.

In her treachery, she sided with Mothers Demand Action, an anti-gun group that declares "Thank President Obama for Taking Executive Action on Guns" on their web page.

Senator Shealy should be standing with the good people of South Carolina and her district who have long demanded full recognition of their Second Amendment rights.

"The Second Amendment is my permit" is the motto for supporters of Constitutional Carry.  And that's exactly what H3025 would have done, at least for concealed carry.

In order to carry a firearm for self-defense, a law abiding citizen is treated like a common criminal in South Carolina today.  Fingerprints, intrusive back ground checks, government mandated training and skill tests, expensive fees, and a 90 day wait are required just to get a permission slip from the government in order to exercise your God given and Constitutionally guaranteed right to self defense.

H3025 would have eliminated the requirement to get the permission slip before a law abiding citizen can carry.

When Senator Shealy was running for office, she pledged to support Constitutional Carry, signing her name to seal the commitment.  But apparently, her word has no value.  She broke her word.

In a subcommittee hearing on March 24th, Mothers Demand Action testified against H3025, citing various reasons.

Shealy eagerly volunteered her agreement with Mothers Demand Action.  It was a virtual love fest.  Sadly, Shealy has no faith in the people of South Carolina and thinks we should not be able to exercise our right to self-defense without a government permission slip.

Next, when Senator Lee Bright made a motion to pass H3025 out of subcommittee, so it could move through the process to become law, Senator Shealy refused to second the motion.  The only other Senator present in the subcommittee hearing was Senator Hutto, an avowed anti-gun democrat.  Since there was no second, Bright's motion failed.

Then Hutto moved to "carry over" the bill.  This effectively kills it.  Hutto and Shealy both voted in favor of the motion, with Senator Lee Bright the only one opposed to killing it.

You can voice your displeasure to Senator Katrina Shealy at 803-530-8787 and at KatrinaShealy@scsenate.gov or you can fill out the link at her official Senate page.

You can watch the whole disgusting thing here. Look for "Thursday, March 24, 2016  9:00 am Senate Judiciary Committee -- Judiciary Subcommittee on S. 1023, H. 3025, H. 3799 and H. 4701" on the right hand side list of video archives. You'll want to go to time stamp 1:15 to see the Mothers Demand Action testimony.  A few minutes after that testimony, Shealy volunteers here agreement.  Then a few minutes after that, she fails to give Senator Bright a second and then votes to kill the bill.

Another item Hutto made light of, was the bill would make it illegal to carry a gun with the intent to commit a crime.  Hutto is a lawyer, so he knows that the language, "intent to commit a crime" is used throughout SC Code of Law.  Yet, he made like it was some new standard that would require law enforcement officers and judges to be mind readers.    But in fact, it is used in Title 16 Chapters 1, 11, 13, 16, 21, 23, Title 23 Chapter 3 and Title 58 Chapter 15.  He is completely disingenuous, and Shealy was right there with him.

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