Senator Shealy betrays gun owners and campaign pledge

Shealy betrays SC gun owners In a stunning act of betrayal, Senator Katrina Shealy buried a bill that would have moved South Carolina closer to being a Constitutional Carry state. In her treachery, she sided with Mothers Demand Action, an [...]

Does Gun Control Work?

By Danny Lewis National attention shifted back to the gun control debate after the recent shooting in Louisiana. Many are arguing for stricter background checks. MSNBC Reports: The most recent mass shooting at a movie theater in Lafayette, [...]

House "Sine Die" amendment hall of shame

Below is a snap shot of the vote to amend the House Sine Die resolution to resurrect the gas tax hike this year. Anyone who voted yes, or who didn't vote (after all we send them to Columbia to vote the right way) helped move the gas tax closer [...]

Gas Tax Wall of Shame

Here are the 26 Senators on the “Hall of Shame” for voting to give the $800 million annual gas tax hike “Special Order” status. They need to hear from you! Thomas Alexander ThomasAlexander@scsenate.gov (803) 212-6220 Karl Allen [...]

It is a Constitutional Convention (Art V)

The Convention Of States lawyers have lied to you. Article V Convention supporters claim they aren't pushing for a Constitutional Convention.  Their lawyers have agreed.  However, Blacks Law Dictionary, the definitive source for lawyers, [...]

South Carolina Polices the Police

By Danny Lewis A hot button issue in the news the past year has been police brutality. We have seen countless citizen casualties take place while in the custody of law enforcement. There has been an uprising from citizens in places such as [...]

SC Senate Republicans for $800 million tax hike?

Thursday, 18 Senate Republicans proposed an $800 million tax hike! Yes, you read that right; Senate Republicans have proposed the biggest tax hike in SC history! A couple of the names on the list may shock you! The biggest part of this tax [...]

Making South Carolina the Freest State

South Carolina State Senator Tom Davis spoke to the Liberty Political Action Conference on Friday, September 14, 2012, regarding the Fed, the economy, and making South Carolina the freest state in the [...]