SC Senate Republicans for $800 million tax hike?

Thursday, 18 Senate Republicans proposed an $800 million tax hike!

Yes, you read that right; Senate Republicans have proposed the biggest tax hike in SC history!

A couple of the names on the list may shock you!

The biggest part of this tax hike is a huge 75% gas tax hike.

But, that’s not the only tax they want to raise.

They want to:

  • Raise the gas tax from 16 cents per gallon to 28 cents per gallon.
  • Double the driver’s license renewal fee from $25 to $50
  • Double the car sales tax cap from $300 to $600
  • They also want to add an annual tax of $60 to hybrid cars and $120 to electric cars.

This would cost us $800 million each year!

Contact your Senator, especially if his or her name is below, and tell him “NO GAS TAX HIKE!”

Here is the list of Republican Senators at the press conference promoting this tax hike:

Sean Bennett [email protected] (803) 212-6116
Kevin Bryant [email protected] (803) 212-6320
Paul Campbell [email protected] (803) 212-6016
Chip Campsen [email protected] (803) 212-6340
Ray Cleary [email protected] (803) 212-6040
Ronnie Cromer [email protected] (803) 212-6330
Tom Davis [email protected] (803) 212-6008
Mike Fair [email protected] (803) 212-6420
Greg Gregory [email protected] (803) 212-6024
Larry Grooms [email protected] (803) 212-6400
Greg Hembree [email protected] (803) 212-6016
Larry Martin [email protected] (803) 212-6610
Shane Massey [email protected] (803) 212-6024
Harvey Peeler [email protected] (803) 212-6430
Katrina Shealy [email protected] (803) 212-6108
Paul Thurmond [email protected] (803) 212-6172
Ross Turner [email protected] (803) 212-6148
Tom Young [email protected] (803) 212-6124


Instead of proposing a real fix to our road funding, they just want to throw more money at it.

They are spinning this as a “tax swap” claiming it is “revenue neutral”.

They are dangling the carrot of a possible income tax cut to try to buy support for this tax hike. But they are already hedging their bets by qualifying the proposed reduction.  According to their "plan", we only get the reduction if the state meets certain revenue targets.

In other words, if the state doesn’t get enough money they won't cut the income tax.

But they always say they need MORE money!

We will never see a penny of the tax cut.

But you can be sure we will see the full measure of the tax hike!

Even if they implement the complete proposed tax reduction of $700 million, it doesn’t balance out the $800 million tax hike.

Even if everything goes according to their plan it is still a $100 million tax hike.

But, their $700 million projected savings is based on your income growing by more than 4% each year for the next five years!

Can you expect a 4% raise every year?

I don’t know anyone whose income has had a 4% annual growth!  Do you?

Their funny numbers just don’t add up! Don’t let them trick you with words like “tax swap” or “revenue neutral”.

Tell them no more money for a broken system!

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