Stop DNA on Arrest in Wisconsin

Thank you so much for all of the calls you put in to your legislators demanding that DNA on Arrest be removed from the budget bill. The great news is we now have a Joint Finance Committee hearing on this issues on Thursday. As you know [...]

Hand Over Your Blood - DNA on Arrest

In the United States we are unique because we are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. You have a right to a trial before you should be treated like a criminal. Unfortunately, it seems that some big government types want you and me [...]

Sign the Texas Red Light Camera Petition

Texas, one of the freest states in the nation, has suffered too long under the guise of big government money grabbing ticket cameras. I urge you to sign our petition HERE to tell the entire Texas legislature it is time for the cameras to go!

TAKE ACTION: Attack of the Drones in Gilmer County!

Can you believe they are trying to create a drone launch base at Gilmer County Airport so they can fly drones over Gilmer County? A drone, or “unmanned aerial vehicle,” is a remote-controlled airplane used for spying on the general public. [...]

CO House Expands Police State

Last week the Colorado House failed to protect you from the federal government's growing police state powers. The Democrat controlled House with the help of Republican Cheri Gerou (Evergreen) passed Colorado Senate Bill 13-013… …which [...]


WISCONSIN CAMPAIGN FOR LIBERTY FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 9, 2013 GOVERNOR WALKER’S PROPOSAL SHREDS 4TH AMENDMENT Assembly Speaker Vos Also Supports Seizure of DNA Governor Walker and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos have proposed the idea of [...]

1-Day Activist School

Iowa Campaign for Liberty is hosting a 1-day Political Leadership School, June 1, 2013, in Cedar Falls, IA. This intense one-day training covers: The Real Nature of Politics - why just "educating" people alone won't result in change The [...]

Every. Single. One.

RNC officials know they've been exposed. Due to the pressure from patriots like you from all over the country, I'm hearing from the inside that some GOP officials are scurrying around trying to cut a "deal." You see, they're anxious to save [...]

The GOP's Tampa Tactics Continue

The GOP establishment’s sheer HATRED for those of us who truly believe in liberty, limited government, and constitutional principles was on full display in Tampa, Florida, last summer. New rules designed to weaken grassroots activists were [...]

C4L Calls on Virginia Legislature to Reject Transportation Bill

SPRINGFIELD, Virginia- Today, Campaign for Liberty President John Tate, urged the Virginia State Legislature to reject Governor Bob McDonnell’s amended Transportation Bill (H.B. 2313): “Last week, instead of responding to overwhelming [...]