What is Mark Dudenhefer Hiding?

It’s vital you contact your candidates for the Virginia House of Delegates in District 2 today.

You see, just recently, Campaign for Liberty sent ALL of your candidates for the Virginia General Assembly a Campaign for Liberty Candidate Survey.

The good news is Republican Tim Ciampaglio has pledged to be a leader in the fight to restore liberty in Virginia.

Tim Ciampaglio has pledged opposition to the political establishment’s freedom-and-economy-wrecking schemes.

The bad news is Mark Dudenhefer has not responded to his survey.

Of course it’s no surprise that Dudenhefer has refused to answer.

As a Delegate, Mark Dudenhefer voted to raise taxes and expand government virtually every chance he had, including:

*** Voting for Governor McDonnell's massive $6 billion tax increase... the biggest tax increase in Virginia's history;

*** Voting for virtually every spending increase while he was in office;

*** Refusing to go on record to oppose ObamaCare and the massive tax hikes it will inflict on Virginia.

Usually when candidates REFUSE to come clean on tough questions about their views, it’s because they can’t wait to push their tax-and-spend, “politics-as-usual” ways in Richmond.

Campaign for Liberty’s survey questions are designed so your candidates’ answers will tell you and me whether they’re planning to maintain the Big Government, “Government-knows-best,” tax-and-spend status quo in Richmond . . .

. . . Or if they’re planning to CUT spending, IMPROVE the economy, RESTORE individual liberty, and LIMIT government involvement in our lives.

With his pro-liberty survey responses, it is clear Tim Ciampaglio understands that as government grows, individual freedom is lost, and citizens suffer.

Tim Ciampaglio has pledged to do everything he can to reduce the size of government and restore individual liberties.

But it’s critical ALL of your candidates pledge to oppose Big Government schemes.

The good news is politicians listen better to the demands of folks like you and me when they’re out looking for votes rather than when they’re safely in office.

So now is the time to take action.

There’s no doubt about it - the 2015 elections will be critical to the future of Virginia.

Our nation’s fragile economy is cracking under the weight of too much spending, too much taxation, and too much government involvement.

It’s up to you and me to put a stop to it all.

So please contact Mark Dudenhefer IMMEDIATELY and insist he return his survey 100% pro-freedom.

Here is his number:

Mark Dudenhefer: 703-405-8393

You can view all survey responses by clicking here.

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