Contact the Judiciary Committee- Demand They Support ObamaCare Nullification!

It’s vital you contact the Judiciary committee members before the public hearing on ObamaCare Nullification (LD 680) on Tuesday, April 2nd, and tell them two things: (1) They must VOTE on ObamaCare Nullification (LD 680).  No more [...]

Senator Mason - Take the Knife Out of My Back

Dear Patriot, Why won't Senator Mason commit to forcing a roll call vote on LD 660 - Representative Aaron Libby's Constitutional Carry bill? Senator Mason claims to support the 2nd Amendment, and he has even claimed that he supports LD 660 [...]

Stop Obamacare in Maine

As you know, for the first time in our history, Americans are going to be forced to purchase health insurance – or be penalized heavily by the federal government. The good news is, you and I have an opportunity to nullify ObamaCare right [...]

H.B. 512 Poison Pill Provisions

H.B. 512, the so-called "Safe Carry Protection Act," passed the Georgia House of Representatives on March 7th with a "poison pill" amendment attached. One of the worst of these provisions states: "(L) Any person who, within the five years [...]

Kool-Aid, Funny Money, and Drunken Sailors


Urgent- Support Constitutional Carry!

Constitutional Carry needs your support.  Here is what you can do: 1) Contact the members of the Criminal Justice and Public Safety committee. Urge them to support Constitutional Carry -- LD-660. Insist they pass LD-660 immediately and [...]

Is Governor LePage About to Cave on ObamaCare

Dear Patriot, Media and inside sources tell me that Governor LePage is considering caving on his stand against ObamaCare, and has entered into discussions with the Obama administration about expanding Medicaid. Please contact Governor [...]

Constitutional Carry needs your support!

Dear Patriot, I have some good news... State Representative Aaron Libby (R-Waterboro) has introduced Constitutional Carry again this year! Constitutional Carry means if you can legally possess a gun for self-defense, then you can carry [...]

Want Healthcare Freedom or ObamaCare?

ObamaCare, which Governor Snyder is urgently trying to implement by creating the government-run insurance exchange, will complete the government takeover of healthcare in Michigan. The House already passed the appropriations bill needed to [...]

Colorado NDAA Vote

On Thursday, February 28, 33 members of the Colorado State House said it was fine for you to be detained indefinitely without a trial. They said with their vote, that it was fine for the President to snatch you off the street and then throw [...]