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Current Battles

HealthFreedomThumbnailObamaCare Expansion: Governor Bentley is caving on ObamaCare expansion and it's critical we take action to stop him. States that have opted to expand their Medicaid programs under ObamaCare are millions of dollars – and in some cases billions of dollars – over budget. ObamaCare expansion will bring less health care freedom, more fraud, and lower quality medical care. And if expansion passes, it will be that much harder to get rid of ObamaCare for good.

You can download our petition to stop ObamaCare Expansion here, and gather signatures at gatherings, events, or door-to-door. When you're ready to turn them in, please send me an email at stateoperations@campaignforliberty.com.

You can download AL ObamaCare Expansion memes and flyers here.

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State Posts:

Stop ObamaCare in Alabama

“ObamaCare is a disaster for Alabama.” That’s what Governor Bentley posted on his campaign Facebook account in 2014. “Share this post if you agree with me that Alabama should reject ObamaCare,” he went on. So what did he have [...]

Ninety-Seven Percent of ObamaCare’s Newly Insured on Medicaid

You are paying the health insurance bills for 97% of Obama’s “newly insured.” And if Governor Bentley gets his way, you’ll be paying for even more. ObamaCare stooges swore their scheme would bring prices down, since “everyone [...]