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State Posts:

The Convention of States Con-Job

Dr. Paul and I recently warned you about legislation in Iowa that could spell the end of the U.S. Constitution as we know it. HJR 12/SJR 8 applies for a disastrous Article V Convention (a.k.a. Con Con), where all of your rights would be open [...]

It's a terrible time for a Con Con!

I am writing to you today about an issue of grave concern to me . . . an issue that could set the liberty movement and our country back decades or worse. Campaign for Liberty told you recently about dangerous bills applying for an Article V [...]

Oppose the Con in Iowa

I’m afraid I have some bad news to report. The Iowa state legislature is being targeted by powerful, well-financed insiders, who are determined to “revise” the U.S. Constitution at an Article V Constitutional Convention. I need your [...]

STOP the Gas Tax Hike!!!

We’ve been down this road before. The tax and spenders didn’t get the gas tax hike they were looking for last session, so they’re trying again this year. And according to Iowa’s six-term Republican Governor, “the timing is right to get [...]

Iowa tries to keep millions from tax that doesn't exist

File this under actions taken by lawmakers that do not surprise me. From Watchdog.org For six years, the state has collected more than $20 million for a tax that didn’t exist. When questioned about it, the Legislature adopted the solution [...]