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Welcome fellow Texans. As your new interim state coordinator I pledge to you that Texas C4L will be more involved with local, state and national liberty issues. We will be holding training classes in the future to help you learn how to identify  bad legislation and policies from your local city council all the way up to the state level. We will also need your help to bring awareness about anti-liberty legislation in Texas. We are  looking for patriots like you to step up to be a county coordinator. We are rebuilding Texas C4L and we need to start from the ground up. That starts with YOU at the local level. Have you often said you want to be more involved but you don't know how? Have you been frustrated that you haven't received the help you need to make a difference? If so, we need YOU! Please contact me if you would like to become a county coordinator or would like to get more involved. We have a lot of challenges to our liberties coming soon from Obama care and 2nd amendment issues to photo enforcement. Please keep checking the state page here for more information including pending legislation.

State Posts:

Learn where the Candidates Stand on Liberty!

Texas Campaign For Liberty's largest statewide project is our candidate survey. Our staff spends countless hours compiling, mailing, reviewing, following up and posting results from our candidate survey project so you can know where candidates [...]

El Paso State Rep. Joe Pickett thinks you are stupid!

You and I both know politicians often say one thing and do something else when they think they can get away with it. Unfortunately, one Texas State Representative, Joe Pickett (D-El Paso), is taking this to an extreme. . . He’s trying to [...]

Texas C4L calls for end to illegal ticket cameras

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 18, 2016 Red Light Camera and Speed ticket Photo Radar systems are currently shut down in Arizona due to illegal activities by the Arizona based camera vendors. The Arizona Attorney General issued an opinion that [...]

Montgomery C4L Hosts Jordan Page Concert

[caption id="attachment_35998" align="alignnone" width="168"] Liberty Musician Jordan Page.[/caption] Gulf Coast Regional Coordinator Kelli Cook hosted Liberty Musician and activist Jordan Page for a local concert on Saturday April 10th. Over [...]

Learn how to fight for Liberty! April 2nd

We need you to be properly trained in how to fight for Liberty in Texas. It's time you stopped listening to how politicians tell you politics work and learn the truth on how it really works! Stop being a victim and start learning how to fight [...]