Congressman Alex Mooney (WV-2) to Cosponsor Audit the Fed

Only a few days into the new Congress and lots of Members are rushing to sign on to H.R. 24, "Audit the Fed." The latest is West Virginia Congressman Alex Mooney. Check out the press release from his office below:

WASHINGTON, DC – Republican Congressman Alex Mooney (WV-2) will co-sponsor the Federal Reserve Transparency Act known as the Audit the Fed Bill.

"The Federal Reserve has a tremendous amount of power over the currency and economy of our nation.  It is only proper the monetary policies of the Fed be subject to oversight by the independent and nonpartisan Government Accountability Office and the Congress of the United States.  The Federal Reserve was created by the Congress and therefore is subject to regulation by the representatives of the people."

The Federal Reserve Transparency Act will allow the GAO and Congress greater access to important information regarding the monetary policy of the Federal Reserve.

"The Federal Reserve has an incredibly large direct influence over the pocketbook issues most important to West Virginians.  The value of the dollar impacts everyday West Virginians who are struggling to afford higher costs of living.  It is only proper the representatives of the people and GAO, the primary ethics office of the nation, have the ability to fully review Federal Reserve policy.  I am committed to making all level of government for accountable and transparent for our citizens so the people we serve may have trust in their government."

Congressman Mooney will co-sponsor the bill alongside sponsor Congressman Massie of Kentucky.

Find out if your Representative is a cosponsor here.

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