Election aftermath: Don't get mad or sad. Get to work!

Whatever your thoughts on the results of yesterday's election, and the challenges and opportunities it presents us, there are good reasons to be optimistic.

Having been involved with the liberty movement since the early nineties, and having worked for Dr, Paul for over twenty years, I certainly feel more optimistic than ever.

This is becasue today there are more people than ever interested in resorting our liberties. These individuals are working to grow the liberty movement by spreading our ideas and working to with Campaign for Liberty to pressure politicians to vote for liberty.

As Dr. Paul says, most politicians are not leaders, they are followers. Therefore, they will only vote for liberty when the people demand it. And as Dr. Paul often says, we do not need a majority to win, all we need is an "irate, tireless. minority."

And Tuesday's election shows that people are fed up with the failures of government and looking for different solutions. The good news is we have the solutions, and the ability to mobilize the pro-liberty Americans to make the politicians vote for liberty.

So there are reasons to be optimistic.

Of course, nothing is pre-ordained, but taking advantage of the situation depends on us. So lets get to work!

Chris Rossini, writing at the Ron Paul Liberty Report, has some thoughts on why the future for liberty looks bright:

If there's one positive thing that has come from this year's presidential election, it's that the divide between government and American citizens has been drawn for all to see. There is clearly an "us," and a "them". 

What a wonderful opportunity for the ideas of Liberty. 

You see, the "us" are having a rude awakening. Beliefs about government are being shattered left and right. The Fed can no longer hide in the shadows. The Keynesians are running on fumes. The media has been exposed as an arm of the government. The Neocons are trying to re-brand themselves. And Wikileaks has shown that politicians are nothing more than snake oil salesmen with armies at their command. Politics has lost its noble smokescreen.

This is all for the good. Government and its propaganda arms work around the clock to pull the wool over Americans eyes. Those who advocate freedom and liberty are ostracized as "fringe" and "kooks".

Well, now the propagandists have their backs against the wall. When false beliefs are shattered, new ones are often sought. 

What a great time to be a pro-liberty!

Much too often though, the libertarian is overly focused with making instant converts. If the person that they're speaking to doesn't see and accept the truth right away, the libertarian too often throws up his hands and says "What's the use?" He then may go so far as condemning all of humanity as a lost cause that will never change. Tyranny will always prevail.

But this knee-jerk reaction couldn't be further from the truth. Change is the very essence of life. Constant and never-ending change is an absolute that we cannot escape.

Despite government walls constantly closing in on us, humanity is not a lost cause. People do in fact reverse course. Granted, it usually happens when the pain is overwhelming, but it happens nevertheless.

We're all here, aren't we?

Every single form of government has been tried, many times over. There have been empires galore throughout human history. And guess what? They're all gone! Not a single one has lasted, save the American version for the time being.

So it is the Empire that really has no hope. Empires have a failure rate of a cool 100%. They're the ones who are fighting against all odds. They last for awhile, and then they're gone. No exceptions.

Those of us who advocate liberty lean on the ideas of peace, voluntary interactions, private property and non-aggression. We have the ideas of truth on our side. Government leans on violence, forced interaction, theft and aggressive force. These are all huge errors! 

If you're going to bet on truth versus error, at least be bold enough to bet on the truth.

Let those who are hell-bent on going down with the ship choose their own course. There's no reason to gain a majority. There are millions and millions of open eyes and ears out there who are seeing their beliefs about government severely challenged. They're the ones you're looking for. 

A critical minority is all that it takes.

What a time to be pro-liberty!

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