What Do the Election Results Mean for Audit the Fed?

While the results of the 2014 midterms are being analyzed from every possible angle, one question remains on the minds of C4L staff -- what does this mean for Audit the Fed?

C4L Chairman Ron Paul posed the question last night on Twitter:

Mitch McConnell cosponsored Audit the Fed for the first time in the 113th Congress, along with 29 other Republicans (and one Democrat, Mark Begich, whom it looks likely will lose his bid for re-election to Republican Dan Sullivan).

A number of articles have been penned suggesting the GOP will make Audit the Fed a top priority in the 114th Congress.

But we can't rely on hopes and past support alone.

As Ron Paul wrote later on twitter, the only thing that counts is public pressure.

And that is something Campaign for Liberty and our committed grassroots activists excel at.

It has taken a historic amount of grassroots pressure to bring Audit the Fed this far. From a previous cosponsor high of 44, to soaring over 320 cosponsors in the 111th Congress and passing the House once as an amendment and twice on a standalone vote.

Harry Reid has spent the years since 2010's vote on the Vitter Amendment blocking any further action on Audit the Fed.

And last night, voters made the Democrat party pay a high political price for their obstructionism.

Campaign for Liberty will continue to keep the pressure on Harry Reid to try and force a vote in the lame-duck session of the 113th Congress when they return November 12.

Please take a moment to sign and send your Audit the Fed Fax Blast to your US Senators urging them to request a vote on Audit the Fed in the lame-duck session.

Regardless of the outcome in the waning days of the 113th Congress, you can expect Campaign for Liberty to continue pressuring Congress to pass Audit the Fed in both the House and Senate and to send the bill to President Obama.

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